Jennifer Connelly & Agnes: Strollin’ Through SoHo

Jennifer Connelly & Agnes: Strollin' Through SoHo

Actress Jennifer Connelly was seen wearing her daughter Agnes, nearly 1, through the streets of SoHo, New York on Wednesday (May 23).

In her latest film titled Virginia, Jennifer – who is also mother to son Kai, 14, and 8-year-old Stellan – learned that blondes do have more fun.

“I actually had a lot of fun being blonde,” Jennifer tells FashionETC. “But not as much fun getting to blonde. It was very time-consuming, but the upkeep wasn’t bad because it didn’t have to be perfect.”

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  1. Lola

    Bummer there’s no pics of Agnes’ face. She is super cute. That is an interesting baby carrier. I feel like her legs should be dangling as opposed to being so wide apart like that. I know that babies are flexible and so it probably isn’t uncomfortable for her, but that looks unusual to me. Just an observation, not a criticism. Maybe she just has long legs. Her Dad is a tree!
    And I love her shoes. Suri has those back in the day.

    • anonymous

      Oh my God!

    • Anonymous

      If you took the time to google, you wouldn’t have to leave such a dumb comment. Carriers that leave the baby’s feet dangling, like Baby Bjorn’s, have been proven to be bad for baby’s hip development. Think about it, would you rather straddle a chair, or be dangled from your crotch? If you think about it for 2 seconds it’s very obvious that this kind of carrier is more comfortable. “Crotch danglers” put all the pressure on the baby’s hips and crotch. Ouch. Makes more sense now?

    • Rosy

      It’s funny you should say that, because Agnes is being worn the way a baby/toddler should actually be worn – and that’s with her hips fully supported. It’s called a knee to knee carry, and that’s something that Bjorn type carriers don’t provide, they are actually not very good for a baby’s hip development for this reason because they do just let the legs dangle and aren’t supportive at all.

      If you think about the way you’d normally pick up a small child/baby and put them on your hip you would have their legs wrapped around you with their legs bent a bit and not just letting their legs dangle :)

    • Anonymous

      actually, her legs should be like that. carriers that hold baby with their legs dangling put pressure on the hips (not to mention their crotch!). this seat position (seated squat position) puts the weight in their butt, like it should be. this is the position all babies should be in when carried.

    • Jo

      She’s obviously comfortable, otherwise she would’ve been repositioned. And I’ve seen her face. And she looks just like Paul! Too cute! ♥

  2. Anonymous

    Does anyone know what brand of carrier that is?

  3. Anonymous

    They are both gorgeous and so is tha carrier!

  4. Anonymous

    I love watching pictures of Agnes (her face). I know it’s not a proper thing to do, but she is extremely cute!

  5. cemetree

    the carrier is a BABYHAWK mei tai. i recognized it becuase i had a beautiful custom one made when i had my son

  6. cemetree

    It’s a babyhawk carrier. i had a lovely one made when i had my son. also- a child’s legs are actually quite comfortable in that position vs crotch dangling in a bjorn

  7. Shannon

    How awesome to see a celeb rocking a mei tai!!!! I got one of these when I had my daughter 4 years ago, and I can not recommend them enough. The positioning is actually much more comfortable for baby, since they are in a more natural sitting position, supported by their bottom, as opposed to being supported by their crotch with their legs dangling. It’s also a lot easier to wear than a Bjorn style carrier. It wraps around your body a lot more naturally and allows you to distribute the child’s weight in the most comfortable way for you. I still use mine with no problem, and my daughter is 4! They last forever too, mine looks brand new. Babyhawk isn’t the only brand, if you Google mei tai, there a lot of people and companies that make them, usually custom designed with your choice of colors and patterns. I got mine from and awesome stay at home mom, who also custom designed one for my older daughter to use on her Build A Bear! So cool to see one on here!

    Oh, and how super cute is Agnes? Aww!

  8. baby wearing mama

    WOOHOO BabyHawk in action!!!!! I love our BabyHawk OhSnap. :-)


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