Jessica Simpson Introduces Daughter Maxwell Drew!

Jessica Simpson Introduces Daughter Maxwell Drew!

Meet baby Maxwell Drew!

Jessica Simpson
and her new daughter grace the cover of this week’s issue of People magazine. The 31-year-old designer beams as she snuggles her sleeping baby girl, who was born on May 1, both of them wearing color-coordinated cream dresses.

In the interview, Jessica opens up about life as a brand new mom, gushing, “From how I sleep to what I think about, Maxwell has definitely taken over everything!”

Of course, Jessica isn’t the only one who’s head-over-heels for Maxi – her dad Eric Johnson is in already in love as well.

“We stare at her all the time,” Jessica admits. “We can’t get enough!”

While Jessica recovers from her c-section and adjusts to the “full-on job” of breastfeeding, Eric has been a hand-on dad, taking over some of the night time feedings.

“It’s the worst if I have to pump and give Eric a bottle to give her,” says Jessica. “I miss holding her and having that closeness.”

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  1. Anonymous

    Look at those fat cheeks.

  2. Burpalicous Baby

    We here at Burpalicious Love you Jessica we hope you enjoy all the goodies we sent you via Hollywood Baskets. We wish the best for you, Eric, and Maxwell.

    • Anonymous

      Very admirable of you to send free gifts to a wealthy celebrity who certainly doesn’t need handouts. Do you also send free products to needy mothers who couldn’t afford them on their own?

  3. an32

    Kinda of hard to focus on the baby when Jessica’s face looks extremely odd on both pics that have been released……doesn’t even look like her!!

  4. Anonymous

    Wow big baby girl! She’s only 3 weeks old in that pic?! My 6 month old is about the same size! She’s cute though, gotta love pudgy babies, I bet she has the cutest thighs around

  5. Anonymous

    You are all a bunch of haters! So jealous and wishing you were even half as beautiful as Jessica Simpson.. So sad! I’m not even a big fan of hers but you all disgust me! This is celeb baby scoop, not some trashy blog.. Wow! Get off your fat asses and take care of your kids you miserable bitches ;)

  6. Anonymous

    PEOPLE magazine paid Jessica $ 800,000 for that first photo of her and Maxwell.
    Celebrity motherhood.. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  7. Anonymous

    That baby is uhm… interesting looking.

  8. denise

    Best Wishes she is beautiful. Those big cheeks. Just precious :)

  9. Adrienne

    Okay… So…. Yeah. She looks weird to me. Idk why. Jessica, of course, that baby is so chubalicious!! Cute….

  10. Heather

    Awe, sweet photo of Mommy and baby!! She looks like her daddy!!

  11. Anonymous

    She’s definitely chubby, lol. I’m sure she’ll grow in to it eventually.

  12. Anonymous

    she looks good – but then again who wouldn’t on the cover of people in full make up/hair… still find her extremely irritating.. her expression reads: SEE HERE SHE IS… I’M IMPORTANT TOO!!!

  13. lola

    well…. another prove that not all babies are beautiful!

  14. Anonymous

    Once again the photoshop is overdone! She doesn’t even look like herself. I can’t stand that. What’s wrong with her real face? Why are they always trying to make everyone look perfect? It’s not working!!

  15. Anonymous

    I never heard of a more ridiculous and masculine name a woman can pick for her baby girl.

  16. Anonymous

    Adorable little girl !! :)

  17. Anonymous

    why does that baby girl have a boy’s name?

  18. Lizzie

    I might not be her biggest fan but her daughter is cute, for those of you who have called an innocent baby ugly you should be ashamed of yourselves! She is a beautiful baby :)

  19. Anonymous

    Im sorry I really dont like when celebs sell their children to tabloids!

  20. Anonymous

    Sooo adorable!

  21. Anonymous

    Well….I would like to know whats going on with her shoulder!!!!What…it wasnt slender enough and they had to chop part of it off?

  22. Anonymous

    no way that baby is 3 weeks old … come on !!! she had the baby 3 mos ago and walked around with a fake belly .. jessica said .. if beyonce can do it why can’t I ?????? lol hahaha

  23. Anonymous

    THESE pics are edited or photoshopped.. I bought the WHO magazine in australia today and they are not the same as these pics, nowayy what so ever. I can see a HUGE difference.
    The baby is georgous and totally normal looking. There is nothing wrong with her chin or lips? or Jessicas arm.. Perhaps your crappy country must edit pics, which dosent surprise me seen as tho this is all about image over there. She is radiant and the baby is just beautiful.

  24. Anonymous

    well there is a choice you can have a pap make 5oo thousand for one shot which is rumored to have been the bounty on Maxi’s head or you can let the parents control the situation & either have the money put in trust or donate to charity. It’s none of our buisness as to what was done with the moeny from the people shoot.
    This baby was two weeks early taken by C section. The father when he was born was a few ounces shy of 10 lbs too. He is 6’4 230-40 lbs.. We have a mother that is 5’2 or 3 short waisted & very tiny. Obviously this baby has more of Daddy’e genetics for birth. One can imagine this beautiful baby would have been almost 11 lbs when born if not delivered by C section & early. That alone is a phenominal feet for any woman let alone a tiny petite woman.
    Why people feel the need to be mean & ridicule boggles my mind. I have no idea what they get out of that for pleasure. This is a beautiful healthy baby, much loved & cared for & wanted.
    Jessica is a beautiful woman & yes has been badly photoshopped here & why take her absolute joy away from her or try to. Lets be real & share in her joy & for those that can’t maybe move on to someone that makes you happy & less negative.

    • Anonymous

      “tiny petite woman”? She’s about 5′ 3″ which is one inch shorter than what is considered average height and seems to be average in terms of build. Your comment makes it seem as though she’ s only 5 feet or 4′ 11″.

      The rest of your comment makes a fair amount of sense – especially the part about maintaining control v.s. letting the paps get rich, but let’s not keep harping on how “tiny” she is.


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