Happy 15th Birthday Michael Consuelos!

Name: Michael Joseph Consuelos

Date of Birth: June 2, 1997

Parents: Kelly Ripa & Mark Consuelos

Siblings: Lola, nearly 11 & Joaquin, 9


 Michael grew up in New York City
 He attends school in Manhattan where he devotes a lot of time towards various school productions
 In his spare time he’s a young filmmaker 
 Michael has completed several stop action lego films
 He was the winner of LIVE with Regis and Kelly’s Golden Weiner award
 Michael has lent his voice to several projects including the animated film Fly Me to the Moon, Nickelodeon's Go Diego Go and Duck Dodgers on the Cartoon Network


"With our 14-year-old, we're not involved anymore because he's outclassed us. We can no longer help him. Our son's schoolwork looks crazy to us. I feel terrible for him, because he should have parents who can help him. I look at him and have to say, "I'm sorry, I'm a talk show host; I just don't know how to do that." - Kelly on the joys of helping her eldest son with his homework.

"I respect [his wishes]. This year he said, "I'm the only kid at school who gets dropped off and whose mother picks him up. I don't want that anymore." I said, "Fine." Now, when the bus comes, I wait on the opposite corner, across the street, and I watch him walk home with his friends. He doesn't know I'm there. He's never seen me. I'm literally like a cat burglar following him home. In my opinion, when you take your eyes off them, sometimes they can get in a lot of trouble. He's a very sweet kid, but I still hold on to that little ounce of keeping an eye on him. I do it my way, so he doesn't have to know. He still has his freedom, but it's a monitored freedom. I'm sure there will be a parenting expert reading this and saying I'm doing it wrong. I read that book How to Hug a Porcupine [by Julie Ross] — it's my parenting bible. They say you have to trust your children and give them freedom. I say, OK, but this is New York City!" - Kelly on parenting Michael.

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