Paris Jackson On Michael Jackson’s Death: “It Never Gets Any Easier”

Three years after Michael Jackson died at age 50, his 14-year-old daughter Paris says she's still grieving the tragic loss. 

"It never gets any easier," Paris tells Oprah Winfrey on Oprah's Next Chapter, airing Sunday on OWN.

Three years after Michael Jackson died at age 50, his 14-year-old daughter Paris says she’s still grieving the tragic loss.

“It never gets any easier,” Paris tells Oprah Winfrey on Oprah’s Next Chapter, airing Sunday on OWN.

Jackson died in June 2009 from an overdose of propofol. His physician, Dr. Conrad Murray, was sentenced to four years in prison after he was convicted of involuntary manslaughter for administering the powerful anesthesia.

Paris is set to hit the big screen, starring in the upcoming fantasy movie Lundon’s Bridge and the Three Keys.

In a recent interview with Prevention, Paris’ famous aunt, singer Janet Jackson, opened up about her niece’s acting career.

We’ve spoken about the fact that you’re only a child once,” Janet said in reaction to Paris acting at age 14. “I think there’s a time for everything, and now is not the time [to act in films]. I told her I thought she should enjoy being a kid, possibly go to college—or not—but wait till she turns 18.”

Janet added: “She’s a very tough, smart girl. But it’s a cutthroat industry. I wouldn’t want my child to do it.”

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  • Jodi

    I posted this comment once about the Jackson kids, but my “Psychic Intuition” is telling me that this topic may come up again, Lol.

    know alot of people who say they aren’t MJ’s kids. Even if they aren’t biologically his children he raised them so that makes them his children in every way that counts. If that’s how some people look at it though, does that mean Brad and Angie only have 3 kids? That Katherine heigl and Josh Kelley don’t have any at all? or Sandra Bullock? I’ve seen so many people on here mad that CBS still uses the word adopted infront of some of the children’s names, like Naleigh. Even if they didn’t come from his sperm doesn’t make him any less of a dad. And usually when you think of a bi-racial child you think of someone with the same skintone of Nahla or so forth but one of my best friends had a white mom and a black dad who was about the same color that MJ originally was( I really hope that didn’t come off as racist) and he had Paris’ skintone. I don’t know how to explain it. He had a beautiful complexion and I can seem the same tones in the Jackson kids. My friend had siblings and the older one looked more like Blanket but him and his older brother had Paris’ skintone. I understand why there would be doubt, I mean my friend’s dad even had a dna test done (yes, they were his) so it is possible.

    Take a look at genetics in general. How many people have looked at picture from generations back and seen someone they looked like? Traits get passed down different with each family.

    I’m not a big MJ fan. Don’t get me wrong, I liked some of his music. But I do think he loved his kids with all his heart. If they are his ( which I think they are) he loved them dearly, and if they aren’t his he still loved them dearly. Shouldn’t that count for something?

  • Anonymous

    why do they constantly exploit these kids for interviews? does the family feel less attached to them because they weren’t his bio kids or something?

  • Anonymous

    it’s not that. it’s because michael lied about it and these obviously white kids are calling themselves black. it’s lies and that offends people.

    • Ashley

      But what’s it to you? They’re not hurting anyone. Just because you think Michael lied doesn’t mean it’s true, but even if it was true, at the end of the day, he was still their father, they grew up with him and his family, and they have every right to identify as they wish. He was their father from day one. So stop acting like Michael was just a distant relative who dropped in every one or two years to say hi. He was their dad 24/7 from the day each of them was born to the day he died.

  • Ashley

    I can’t imagine what it must be like for these kids. The 25th will be 3 years since that awful day. I really miss the days when Michael and the kids were spotted out in those masks. Now the kids are everywhere. Michael protected them from the spotlight as best as he could, and now they’re everywhere.

    Paris is growing up into a beautiful young lady, and I think she will be he most outspoken supporter of her father. She’s already been one of his greatest defenders, constantly pointing out what a great dad he was to her, how he was a normal dad who cooked meals for them, how she liked the times when it was just the two of them hanging out without the brothers. :)

    It’s sad that people can’t look at these kids and listen to their words and feel compassion for them. Instead, they want to talk about their “real” parents. Michael was their real parent in every way that matters. I don’t understand why people can’t accept that. He loved them, they were his kids. And it doesn’t matter if they were biologically his or if they were the product of a sperm donation. That question is NEVER going to be answered, so I wish people would just leave it alone and respect that Michael did an amazing job with these kids, and they are growing into lovely young people who are trying to continue their dad’s legacy.

    • KatieG

      Almost NOBODY wants to talk about their “real” parents. (Seriously, probably 2 people in the whole country even care if those are his biological kids). Only people who are trying to be hurtful or act like they have some kind of stake in these kids’ lives.

  • diva

    Your asses know whats offensive that the question Ashely HAS been answered by both parents Micheal and Debbie Rowe as well as those kids and still you have three years later ignorant people who are strangers and whose existance and opinion mean NOTHING at the day think they have a right to call ppl who would know better than them liars….THATS whats offensive..I wish you all the same ignorance, rudeness, and disrepect back on to you that you constantly here and all over the internet give these kids who havent done a damn thing to you. The issue is again the question has been answered your asses just havent cared enough to accept it cause its not what YOU want to hear but that doesnt matter cause theyve said there are his and so had their father and mother and they obviously would know and have proof …Where do any of you or this or any sight get off prompoting the disrespect of grieving kids who dont desearve all this crap. The issue lies with YOU not those kids. They have ALWAYS and will ALWAYS be VERY confident in who they are and where they come from. If you have a problem or cant accept what all who matter have said thats YOUR problem and u can stay pressed cause those kids dont have to prove nothing to you or anyone else EVER!!! cause neither you nor your opinion matter. They are not staying up at night worrying about it, seems to me they are the ones that have EVERY right to be offended..its so laughable you say u are offended plleassee!!!! In what world do strangers who know shit about u or you medical history or dna disrepecting you and your family all the time give them the right to be offended *rolls eyes*

  • Anonymous

    She is famous for her ‘amazing eyes’.
    In fact she wears colored contact lenses.
    Why doesn’t she tell people that these are contacts?
    Or this People Magazine ‘natural’ photo looked so fake.
    Why does she do things like that?
    I like Prince and Blanket because they don’t do this fake side of showbiz.

    • Ashley

      Yet another lie. Paris probably DOES wear contacts, but that IS her natural eye color. She’s had that eye color since she was a very VERY small child. It’s easily found on Google.

  • madylane

    They’re MJ’s. Regardless of whomever provided the biological aspects. And honestly, they are probably biologically his. Who really cares?! He raised them and for all intents and purposes, it seems he did a very good job. They seem respectful, happy and healthy and have a lotta love for their dad and their family.
    ANYWAY . . . how stunning is Paris becoming?!?! Gosh! I men, they are a good looking group of kiddos but she just gets prettier every year! Her eyes are so striking! I think, her auntie being who she is, that she would be wise to take her advice. There are so, so many years ahead of her to go down the acting path. That said, I don’t see the harm as long as she is surrounded by love and balance and school and family and friends.

    • Ashley

      Thank you! I’ve honestly never seen so much anger and hostility hurled at three innocent kids before. It’s so sad. It’s like now that Michael’s gone, people need a replacement punching bag, so they’re using the kids. How awful!

    • diva

      As I said to Ashley butthole IT DOES MATTER to those kids or else they would defend their paternity all the damn time on twitter and instagram!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So AGAIN they have confirmed they are his and so has their father and mother that should be fucking enough for u ignorant asses but I see its not!!! STFU with the it doenst matter when it does matter and those kids wouldnt feel as Paris and Prince have said such disrepect that after their father and mother and friend and family and them themselves have said he IS their bio father ppl still have to talk shit when they know their DNA and medical history better then your asses ever will who are strangers sitting behind a computer with NO LIVES!!!
      So again Im sick of the it doesnt matter if he is or not shit cause those kids do defend ALL the time even recently that he IS their father biologically and they can give a rats ass if any of u ignorant asses ever beleive or accept that cause as longs as they know thats ALL that matters!!!

      • Ashley

        I am having a VERY hard time reading your posts. Did you call me a butthole? If so, I don’t understand why you’re being rude to me. I firmly believe those children are Michael’s biological children. The kids have confirmed this, Michael and Debbie confirmed this, Debbie’s lawyer confirmed this, and Prince has vitiligo. There shouldn’t be any question.

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