Jenny McCarthy: Jim Carrey Refuses To See Son Evan

Jenny McCarthy is no stranger to controversy! The activist mama told Celebrity Baby Scoop that her 10-year-old son Evan has "recovered" from autism.

And keeping true to her outspoken style, an emotional Jenny talked to Howard Stern about her ex-boyfriend Jim Carrey who refuses to keep in contact with Evan.

Jenny McCarthy is no stranger to controversy! The activist mama told Celebrity Baby Scoop that her 10-year-old son Evan has “recovered” from autism.

And keeping true to her outspoken style, an emotional Jenny talked to Howard Stern about her ex-boyfriend Jim Carrey who refuses to keep in contact with Evan.

The Love in the Wild host, 39, who dated the 50-year-old funnyman for more than five years, says Jim no longer keeps in touch with Evan following their 2010 split.

I’ve tried to ask [Jim] numerous times [to see Evan], because my son still asks,” Jenny told Stern, adding that Evan tells her he misses Jim “almost weekly.”

Jenny revealed that, while she doesn’t feel like she can communicate with Jim herself, she’s gone through “channels” to try and convince him to talk to her son.

I haven’t [reached out directly] . . . I think that sometimes people need to take a real break from each other,” she said. “But I still love him. I think you can love people from a distance and respect him. But as a mother, you just hope when you have a relationship with someone, it has nothing to do with the child when you break up.”

The Playboy model – who also revealed she lets Evan watch Jim’s films – continued, “I tell [Evan] that someday you’ll cross paths, meet again. . . [but] it’s hard. He’s been in therapy. It’s a process, he’s working on it.”

“Jim’s a dark guy,” Howard said during their discussion.

“As you get older, Howard, you kind of get to see things more clearly,” Jenny said about moving on from her relationship with Jim. “Hopefully you get happier [over time], and I am so much happier.”

The mom-of-one is now dating Chicago Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher.

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  • klutzy_girl

    Jim has no obligations to see Evan, especially if the relationship ended badly.

    And Jenny needs to pick up the phone and call him herself instead of “going through channels”. BE AN ADULT.

  • Anonymous

    She sounds delusional
    I read Jim been battleing his own dark demons lately

  • Anonymous

    What is wrong with these people? Who puts stuff like that ‘out there’? This is some seriously personal stuff that is absolutely nobody’s business. (Her son is in therapy? Now tell me why the world needed to know that?!?!?!)

    My goodness, is NOTHING private anymore?

  • Anonymous

    Maybe he doesn’t want anything to do Jenny, considering she is talking about him to the press. Jim isn’t her son’s father so he doesn’t have any responsibility and I think him going to see Evan may even cause more confusion for the kid.

  • Anonymous

    Men and women who get involved with parents shouldn’t feel the need to keep being surrogate parents once the relationship ends. Yes, it’s great when they do, but it’s uncommon. It’s a package deal when you long term date a parent, you get your lover and their kid(s). It’s also a package deal when the relationship ends. You dump the lover and the kid(s).

    Evan has a father and he’s old enough to know that the men who doink his mom aren’t going to stick around. This is a kid who hangs out at the Playboy Mansion so it’s not like he doesn’t understand about easy sex. His mom’s single best feature is her body. Men will put up with her personality and dipshit brain and mouth for a piece of ass, but eventually they’re going to move on to someone better. Evan needs to accept this now so he’ll have less to whine about when he’s a teenager. I’ve been there, kid, and accepting your mom’s an easy lay is the best way to stay out of therapy and off drugs.

    • Anonymous

      Bravo! Couldn’t have said it better myself.

    • LaKesha

      Do you feel taller now?

  • Anonymous

    I sort of understand why he wouldn’t see her son anymore. It would probably confuse Evan if he kept in contact with all of his moms’ exes. It must be hard for Jim too, considering he was in his life for so long. Difficult situation for all.

  • Ashley

    The breakup happened almost 2 years ago. Jenny is making low blows against Jim for no good reason. He’s not that child’s father, he has no legal obligation, and as the aunt to a severely autistic child, I understand that sometimes autistic children need more stability in their lives. Did she ever think that perhaps Jim coming and going from her life to visit Evan would be more traumatic on the child?

    I don’t fault Jim here at all. Jenny ought to make better choices for her child and not play the blame game when she’s unhappy about something. Jim has NO obligation to come around, and IMO, it would be harder on the child for him to have Jim visit him every once in a while, because he was so used to having him around constantly back when he and Jenny were together.

  • Anonymous

    When she booted Jim out the door when he was sick and depressed, did she care about his health or think what it would do to her son? Why not contact his publicist or manager instead of trying to shame him publicly? It seems she uses her child’s disability and vulnerabilities to promote her own nutjob agendas.

    Also, she’s a pig. You wonder what kind of role model she is when she said on a talk show that she gives the best BJ any man could ever want.

  • denise

    Jim is not Evan’s father. he has no ties to the child except when he was your boyfriend. If the relationship didn’t end well why would you want him to have any contact with your child. Makes no sense. Just be there for your child and get on with your own life. Evan will be fine. Love him.

    • Anonymous

      I understand why she’d WANT him to, I just don’t understand why if he doesn’t, she goes on a freaking radio show to berate him!

  • Anonymous

    Wow, Jenny’s such a wonderful mother, isn’t she? Using her young (handi -capped) child to garner publicity. Not to mention, Jim Carrey….. an ACTUAL talented celebrity. Jenny’s still nice enough looking, but she IS almost 40, and she obviously hasn’t been able to trap a wealthy man by pregnancy (for big $$$$$$$$$$), like sooooo many actressess, models, etc. have done, she’s gotta do what she’s gotta do to keep her name, face and body out there.

    I wonder if she has a problem with Evans BIO dad NOT being in his life…. at all!
    She never seems to mention his dad, her ex-husband. I guess he’s a nobody, and doesn’t have enough money. He’s also a scum-bag for his dispicable behavior towards is INNOCENT son. Elizabeth Montgomery would likely be ashamed of her pathetic son, and I’m sure she would love Evan more than life it’s self. Grow up Jenny.

    I agree with Anonymous @11:38….. is anything PRIVATE anymore?!?!

  • kate

    Can someone really recover from autism??? I’m not being sarcastic, I’m asking because I have a niece and nephew that’s autistic…

    • Anonymous

      no you can’t recover from or cure autism, you can manage the symptoms and behaviours.

  • Anonymous

    Still using Jim for publicity?

  • Anabelle

    I hate when “celebrities” say stuff like this in interviews. Some people just don’t know what should be kept private. She has no dignity.

  • Anonymous

    Let’s face it…the only reason Jenny McCarthy is even saying this crap is to draw attention to her pathetic and untalented self. I can’t stand how much press this moron gets every time she opens her big stupid mouth. What annoys me more is that the media, including talk shows, play right into it?! Maybe if we really ignore her, she’ll go away…far away.

  • Anonymous

    I disagree. That man, Jim Carrey, was in Evan’s life for more than five years. When you’ve known a child for five years, you played a significant part of that child’s life. It doesn’t matter if he was not the biological father. So stepfathers and stepmothers can never be considered a child’s parent? I was a fan of Jim Carrey but not anymore. Even if he doesn’t get along with her, he still should be open to seeing a child that he’s seen grow up in front of his eyes. Yes Evan will be fine and it is Jim Carrey’s loss.

    • Anonymous

      One of the few comments that actually consider the well-being of the child. People are so cold & somehow seem to think it’s okay to dump a child that has developed a relationship with you, especially in a parent-child type situation. That is kind of traumatic for a child. No wonder children develop a lot of issues during divorces & breakups-few people seem to really consider them.

      • Anonymous

        How do you suggest that this be done? Jim has no legal rights, so any visitation would be at the whim of the child’s mother. If she said yes one day and no the next, there’d be nothing he could do. Nobody can live with that kind of uncertainty.

  • Marfle

    So next is Brian Urlacher?

    Seriously we don’t need to know any of that. She clearly just wants attention and that way pressure Jim Carey to do something he’s NOT obligated to do. And where’s the real father? I don’t even know who he is. I feel bad for that kid.

  • Lisa

    If she wants Jim to see Evan, she needs to contact him directly and ask him. I think Jenny is the pathetic one here because she’s saying she can’t ask Jim directly, but then she’s berating him on the radio because he didn’t do what she never directly asked him to do. Also, we don’t know why Jim hasn’t seen Evan. There could be a really good reason and Jenny just isn’t sharing that part of the story.

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