Eli Manning On The Joys Of Fatherhood, Plans For More Children

Eli Manning Has Family Day On South Beach

This Sunday marks Eli Manning‘s second Father’s Day with his 14-month-old daughter Ava. The two will be throwing out the first pitch at the upcoming New York Mets vs. Cincinnati Reds game at Citifield in Queens, N.Y. The Giants Quarterback chats with Parade.com about the joys of fatherhood and his hopes for more children.

On his daughter’s arm, her first words: “She’s 14 months so she’s still working on her throwing motion a little bit. She does like playing with footballs, basketballs, and baseballs. One of her first words was “balls.” And of course I have a lot of footballs around the house so she’s often picking those up and throwing them. It’s kind of a two-handed toss right now, as expected. It’ll be interesting on Sunday when I throw out the first pitch and I have a baseball in my hand. She’ll probably ask for it and want to hold on to it and give it a throw. We’ll see how it all works out!”

On having more children: “Yeah, that’s in the future plans. We haven’t quite timed it all out but we definitely want to have more kids down the road.”

On fatherhood: “I don’t think you can truly know how it’s going to change your life or how you’re going to feel. You love your child and just have so many emotions, like coming home at the end of every day and right when I walk in the door I immediately drop everything and look for her, hoping that she’s not taking a nap or sleeping. That you get to run around and play with her a little bit. That’s one of the most exciting things.”

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  • Adalaide

    Why is this kid’s face all banged up and bruised?

    • Anonymous

      Um… none of your business?

  • Katherine

    Omg. I find this man so attractive. And Ava is so adorable!

  • Madchen

    Maybe because she’s 14 months old and learning to walk.

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