Hank Baskett IV: Chillin’ At The Park

Exclusive: Hank Baskett IV "Chillin" At The Park

Kendra Wilkinson‘s 2-year-old son Hank looked adorable as always as he hit the park in Calabasas, California with his nanny yesterday (June 14).

Despite his ‘Chillin” T-shirt, the toddler was anything but laid-back. Little Hank was on the go, running, climbing, jumping, sliding. Looks like he had a blast.

On the latest installment of Kendra’s parenting-focused web series ‘Around the Clock,’ she and her fellow famous moms Ali Landry, Laila Ali and Dooce’s Heather Armstrong tackled the topic of kids and technology:

“When it comes to fitness and the fitness video games – personally, I grew up outdoors. My mom kicked my ass out of the house and she wanted me to go get scraped up, get bruised up, go roll around in dirt,” Kendra reveals. “That’s how I grew up, so that’s how I want to train my son. I want him to not be stuck inside and play tennis on a video game, I want him to go and play tennis outside.”

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  • Poppins

    Always happt to see this little beauty.

  • Janna

    This child just makes you happy to look at him, know what I mean?

  • http://Flickr.com F.A.J.

    He is adorable, but he is huge for his age. He really doesn’t look like a 2 1/2 years old. He looks more like 3 or 3 1/2 years old.

    • NYC Mommy

      Probably will take after his dad I think he is around 6’4. The hair gives him a couple extra inches too. really cute kid and parents seem to really enjoy keeping him active.

      • http://Flickr.com F.A.J.

        Yeah you’re right. I agree.

  • Dodgey

    Kendra On Top ratings are abysmal. They are going to re-name it “Kendra On The Bottom.” She doesn’t even get 200,000 viewers! Bye bye Kendra, back to the pole or time to rely on Hank’s “hosting” career!

    • http://Flickr.com ???

      WOW. If you don’t like them, then why are you even commenting? Like Kendra is gonna read this. What a pathetic loser you are!!!

  • Mlya

    This kid is soooo gorgeous, when Im down i look at his face,lol he is so cute and who cares if he is big for his age his dad is super tall!!!

    • http://Flickr.com Anonymous

      Nobody said that. Nobody said they care that he’s big for his age. F.A.J. only said that he’s big for his age like a 3, 3 1/2 years old, which I agree with. He/She didn’t say it is a problem, that is what you are saying.

  • http://Flickr.com Anony


    • Anonymous


      Haircut Police!

      • http://Flickr.com Anonymous

        I actually agree with Anony. He does need a haircut or a trim.

  • Atkins

    Lovely little lad.

  • blahblahblah

    What a gorgeous boy! He looks like he’s going to be a heart breaker! I’m glad Kendra is the outdoorsy/athletic type, things like that are inherited from parents. (Habits). Hope she takes good care of that fro (By conditioning and brushing it on a regular basis), whenever I see a pic of him it’s a mess. Hope she remembers to trim his hair once in a while.He’s a boy after all. Yes I’m old fashioned.

  • gladys

    He would looks adorable in a little sailor suit with white shoes.

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