Josh Kelley: Multi-tasking!


It looks like Josh Kelley can do it all!

The doting daddy Tweeted the proof this week, posting a pic of him wearing baby Adalaide in the carrier while doing some ironing: “Keepin it real,” the singer wrote.

The ‘Georgia Clay’ crooner, who is married to actress Katherine Heigl, also shared a photo of his 3-year-old daughter Naleigh sporting some funky shades. So cute!


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Photo credit: Twitter


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  1. chanette

    so cute… love this familiy.. :-)

  2. bubbles

    toooooo cute. this family breaks all the molds in the bestest of ways.

  3. Emma

    Firstly you shouldnt have such a small baby forward facing in a baby bjorn until they are about 3 months and secondly red hot iron near a baby’s bare leg? Silly billy.

  4. Rachel

    I think this picture is SO scary!! Not cute at all!!!

  5. NYC Mommy

    I would totally be afraid to iron with a newborn in a front carrier. what if she reaches out and grabs hot iron. I could not concentrate on ironing and still make sure baby is safe. He is much braver than me.


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