Mario Lopez Shares His Fun Father’s Day Plans

Recently engaged Mario Lopez brings daughter, Gia and fiancee, Courtney to the set of 'Extra' for a family day

Tomorrow won’t be Mario Lopez‘ first Father’s Day as a dad, but the Extra! host says it will be a very memorable one nonetheless.

“Now that Gia is a little older and she walks and talks and communicates with me, Father’s Day is even that much more special,” the doting dad tells People.

So what will Mario and his 1-year-old daughter be doing to mark the occasion? It sounds like they’ve got a pretty busy day planned:

“I’m looking forward to spending time with her, in addition to my father and my buddies who are fathers. We’ll do some all together as a group and then I’ll have my own special time with my daughter,” he says. “It will probably consist of some swinging in the park, a little jog in our stroller, and playing with my dog Julio Cesar Chavez Lopez. And that’s an action-packed full day for Gia and I.”

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  • Hailee

    His daughter looks like a little person I read that she has Down Syndrome.

    • Anon.

      No she doesn’t

  • Lana

    Does Gia have Down’s?

    • Anon.

      You may be disappointed, but no she doesn’t.

  • Daisy

    OMG! Shut the F#&K up people! Stop the downs talk!

  • Anonymouse

    I guess I can see why people think that because her eyes are almond-shaped, but nothing else about her even slightly resembles a Down Syndrome child.

  • Anonymous

    Babies come in all shapes, sizes, colours and looks. They are all beautiful in their parents eyes… no matter how much some people try to put them down.

    • Polly

      no one is putting anyone down or saying anything negative just by asking if Gia has down syndrome! You people need to shut up and just answer the question….not turn it into something it isn’t!!!!

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