Tori Spelling: Happy Father’s Day To “True Love” Dean McDermott


On Sunday, Tori Spelling posted a special Father’s Day tribute to her husband Dean McDermott on her website

“I found a quote that I love: “DAD…A Son’s first Hero, Daughter’s first Love.” So sweet- and from my perspective, BOTH to his wife!,” Tori writes. “Dean is my true love, my hero, and my ROCK! My kids are so lucky to have such an amazing father figure. He’s the love of all of our lives!”

The expectant actress continues: “Thank you, Babe, for all you are and all you do! We celebrate you today. Love you, T”

The Beverly Hills, 90210 alum went on to share a series of family photos with their three kids: Liam, 5, Stella, 4, and Hattie, 8 months. The couple expect their fourth child this September.

“Liam’s all about the poop right now [laughs]!” Dean told Celebrity Baby Scoop. “We have no idea where he comes up with it, but it’s too good not to share. And Stella’s going to be a supermodel. Some of the poses that she strikes are amazing!”

Dean is also dad to 13-year-old son Jack from a previous marriage.



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  • Lya

    They are a really nice family. I love them.
    Stella looks just like Dean, Liam looks more like Tori’s dad and Hattie is a perfect combination of both Dean and Tori. I wonder what the new baby will look like. Can’t wait!

  • Joanne

    He’s a very cute dad, ngl. They’re a great familyy

  • Adrienne

    I am so in love with this family. Sometimes they bring tears to my eyes! Beautiful children, beautiful love, beautiful man!!!

  • Anonymous

    People who have really great husbands and fathers don’t need to constantly declare publically that they have really great husands and fathers.

  • anonymous

    One can hardly call Dean a “son’s hero and daughter’s first love” since he abandoned his FIRST SON AND DAUGHTER to hook up with Tori! He is amazingly creepy!!

    • NYC Mommy

      It is my understanding, he does not have a daughter from previous marriage only a 13 year old son whom he seems to spend a decent amount of time with. Regardless of how they got together, Tori loves him and thinks he is s super hero of a dad. everyone can have their own opinion. His ex-wife may have a different one.

      • Grace

        Yes, he actually did have a daughter with his first wife. But he abandoned her.

        • NYC Mommy

          Grace, sorry for my ignorance but why would be in contact with his son but abandon his daughter. What I read they were in process of adopting a daughter but stopped process. Pretty sure the baby was adopted by someone else.

          • Grace

            No, the baby wasn’t adopted by someone else. Dean just decided not to be a part of that child’s life, and then Mary Jo proceeded to finalize the adoption without him. And I have no idea why he would choose to keep his son in his life but not his daughter. I can’t even begin to understand why someone would do something so vile.

  • anonymous

    Barf!!! The way Tori goes on and on about this loser is nauseating.

  • Farah

    Ugh what a creep! Tori seems too sweet to be with this tool! Too bad shes way too insecure to ever leave this loser! I bet he cheats on her too!

  • Anonymouse

    Uh… why post this on Twitter? Why not just turn around and tell him to his face?

    (Oh, right, because her entire life is a publicity stunt!)

  • NYC Mommy

    In reply to Grace- wow I had no idea that he did that. Youa re right that is vile and he comes off very badly. Only good thing is she is better off with one involved and loving parent than one that cares and one that wants nothing to do with her.

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