Connie Britton: I Believe That Eyob And I Chose Each Other

Exclusive... Connie Britton And Son Yoby Out For A Walk

Ever since actress Connie Britton brought her baby boy Eyob home from Ethiopia after a  3-year adoption process in 2011, certain things have fallen to the wayside.

“I have no sex life right now,” the 45-year-old Spin City star admits during Lifetime’s The Conversation With Amanda de Cadenet. “I keep thinking about how I could do it, how I could pull it off. I’m just talking about how I get laid while I have a baby.”

Although Connie claims that she’s “in great shape to meet a man,” she doesn’t “have time” to date, raise a child and star in her new ABC series Nashville.

“When I go home, I have my little guy,” she states.

The decision to start a family on her own didn’t come easily to the actress.

“There was a lot of grief about having not started this journey with the man who was going to be my partner,” she says. “I anticipate finishing it with a man who’s going to be my partner. I definitely had to grieve that, but I also didn’t want to wait anymore. I absolutely know that this was something that I want for my life, and I’m really fortunate. . . and I feel like I can do it.”

“But I do want to say there are so many women out there who are single moms, really not by choice, and doing it and making it work every day,” she adds. “I think it’s becoming much more a part of our culture and I hope that it will become more accepted and that those women are going to be more and more appreciated, respected and supported.”

And as far as life with a little boy, Connie admits it has been an interesting journey.

“Truthfully, what the hell am I doing raising a boy?” she laughs “Literally, I have no idea what I’m doing. I did not grow up with boys except for my father. . . We had matriarchs in our family. And I don’t have a man in my life right now, so it’s very strange to me that here I am right now [raising] this baby boy.”

But from the moment she laid eyes on Eyob, Connie knew it was meant to be.

“I do very strongly believe that he and I did choose each other,” she says, smiling. “I think that’s really true with adopted children. I know that he is my son.”




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    This whole article is just weird!

    Connie is a strange woman

  • Susy

    I think the article is lovely. It’s nice to read an honest account of motherhood.

  • Anonymous9

    Sometimes it’s better to say nothing at all.

  • Marfle

    I like her, but yeah, some of the things she said here are somehow odd.

  • KMO

    I recommend watching the interview on video…it makes more sense in context, in my opinion. Some things don’t translate well into writing.

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