Alec Baldwin & Ireland: Breakfast Buddies

Alec Baldwin Takes His Daughter ireland For Breakfast in New York

Actor Alec Baldwin, 54, was seen walking with his 16-year-old daughter Ireland (who looks to be the spitting image of her mother Kim Basinger, 58, in these pics) on Thursday (June 21) as the pair traveled to have breakfast in the East Village section of New York City.

The Rock of Ages star – who was recently accused of hitting New York Daily News photographer Marcus Santos outside a marriage license bureau – spoke about his career wishes for his 28-year-old fiancée Hilaria Thomas.

“I keep telling my future wife that I want her to get rich because I want to retire,” he tells Us Weekly. “She teaches yoga. I want her to become the world’s first billionaire yoga teacher.”

“I know it is a long shot, but that’s the plan I’m sticking with right now,” he continues. “I want to have a baby and stay home and make the pancakes before I send my wife out to work every day to pay the bills.”








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  • Elle

    That awkward moment when you’re taller than your dad. She looks older than 16.

  • Liron

    Wow she looks like a female version of him! (and way older than 16)

  • X

    Wow I would think the paparazzi would keep there distance for a couple of days

  • sSaraMela

    Wow, she looks like KIM a lot!! she’s very pretty, but looks a lot older than 16. Ashame these girls now aways want to look so much older…..

    • Meghan

      Some girls can’t help but look older. I always did.

  • Anonymous

    Just disgusting how the paparazzi hound them when they’re clearly annoyed. Sometimes celebrities don’t seem to mind the attention. This is clearly not one of those times.

  • eliz1

    Gorgeous girl! she must be close to 6ft tall- i think he’s about 6ft himself… im surprised she doesnt do some modeling. He looks enraged, per usual ha-ha

  • bubbles

    wow, she is a stunner!

  • Anonymous

    She’s ggorgeous but her “skirt” is pretty ridiculous. Why even bother with it – just wear underwear.

    • Elle

      I’ve seen far worse lately. ‘Hotpants’ have been all the rage lately. Butt cheeks and everything.

  • Anony

    She’s beautiful but obviously embarassed because she forgot to put on pants.

  • Lindsey

    She’s wearing shorts, not a skirt, and they’re fine.

  • Rach

    Eek.. I am 28 and I feel old saying this but here goes… in my day, unless we were at the beach, you had to keep your shorts at least 3-5 inches under your butt cheeks. Especially when you are out with your parents. And I am from the Caribbean !

  • Marietta

    She looks like a Baldwin. Just because she’s blonde doesn’t mean she is the spitting image of her mother. She bears little resemblance to Kim Basinger.

  • dee

    I think she forgot her pants!

    What happened to parenting? You know, the part where you tell your child she can’t leave the house wearing something like that, no matter how ‘old’ she thinks she is?!

  • Anonymous

    This child is gorgeous…but she is still a child. Those shorts are too short for a 16 year old. And her father should be ashamed of dating a girl who is just 12 years older than his own child! Dear God I hope they do not reproduce. But they probably will so that she can get her hands on his money. I cannot stand Alec Baldwin, and I feel sorry for anyone who has him as a dad. Really. Ick.

  • Tif

    She’s beautiful! She looks nothing like a “vile, little pig”.

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