Kelsey Grammer & Kayte: Coffee Run In Chicago

Exclusive: Kelsey Grammer & Pregnant Kayte Get Starbucks

Kelsey Grammar and his pregnant wife Kayte Walsh were spotted returning to their apartment with their dogs in Chicago, IL. on Monday (June 25). The couple had gone grocery shopping and picked up coffees from Starbucks. Kayte – who is due with twins in July – is reportedly feeling lonely living in Chicago while Kelsey is at work filming episodes for Boss.

A source tells, “Kayte is just absolutely miserable because she feels so lonely and isolated. She and Kelsey are living in Chicago right now because he is filming his television series Boss. Kayte has absolutely no friends and no support network around her.”

The insider adds, “Kayte is alone most of the day while Kelsey is filming and at their recent baby shower for the twins all of the guests were Kelsey’s fellow cast members and crew from the show. Kayte didn’t have any of her friends at the shower because they are all in England. It’s been a very rough pregnancy for her because she is pregnant with twins. Kayte is hoping that once the babies are born she won’t feel so alone.”

The site also says that Kelsey is being sued by Lydia Cornell – who claims she lost money when Grammar lured her into a Ponzi scheme. The actor is denying the allegations and plans to file legal action. He claims he lost $1 million in the venture.

Grammer’s lawyer Marty Singer tells E! News, “Kelsey received nothing from the venture, monetarily or otherwise. Kelsey has not been contacted by any of the attorneys in the lawsuit, [has] not been served and has not been contacted by any governmental agency.”


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  1. Marisa

    She doesn’t look for big for being 8 months preg with twins.

  2. Anonymous

    What is this young girl doing with this ugly old man? Must be a money thing.

  3. Courtney

    not every woman pregnant with twins has complications that make them gain alot of weight maybe Kayte has had an easy pregnancy and camera angles can play tricks.

    • Anonymous

      Of course that’s true, but it’s not unrealistic to expect that a belly holding two babies would be bigger than a belly holding one!

  4. Miss Lys

    I hope she knows what’s she’s getting into, because she will eventually get dumped or cheated on by Kelsey. He’s had a bunch of kids with numerous women and has left them all hangin’ with nothin’ (maybe some cash, tho).

    I feel bad for her and those babies.

  5. Ebonita

    She looks more like his daughter than his wife.


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