Hank Baskett Carries His Cutie

**EXCLUSIVE** Hank Baskett takes Hank Jr. to ZPizza on Kendra's and Hank's Anniversary in Thousand Oaks

Hank Baskett and his boy Hank Jr were spotted out and about in Los Angeles, California yesterday, on their way for a bite to eat at ZPizza (June 27).

The curly-haired toddler looked adorable as always, seeming to spot the paps as he held tight to his doting daddy.

Mom Kendra Wilkinson wasn’t with the pair, though it sounds as though she and her hubby had time to celebrate their 3rd wedding anniversary earlier in the day: “Today is mine and @TheHankBaskett 3 year anniversary and we couldn’t be having a better morning. :)” the reality star Tweeted.

Congratulations to them!

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Photo credit: Pacific Coast News

  • http://Flickr.com Anonymous

    Child looks like a girl with that hair

    • http://Flickr.com Joya

      Agreed and Kendra says that he has a blond afro. Well not, his hair is curly and not a blond afro. They should cut his hair, or a give it a little trim.
      Garcelle Beauvais has twins. One of them has a blond afro.
      Hank Jr hair is curly and is not an afro, but Kendra is trying to make it look like an afro. I have the same hair and that is not an afro. That hair of him is easy to brush, when it’s wet. With an afro it’s always difficult to brush.

      • Anon2

        They should raise their child the way they see fit without irrelevant ‘advice’ from internet squalkers.

        • http://Flickr.com Joya

          I don’t give advice, I give a comment. Can you read? Above It’s says Leave a Comment

          • KatieG

            “They should cut his hair, or a give it a little trim.”

            Hmmm… sounds an awful lot like advice.

            Bad advice, I might add.

      • gogogo

        I always wondered how many you could fit “this is not blond afro” in a single comment. Now I know…

        • gogogo

          * How many times you could fit

    • Anonymous

      You mean it’s not??

  • Isa

    I think Kendra wanted a girl all along.

    • http://Flickr.com Anon3

      Totally agreed. I also agree with Anonymous 11:37 am and with Joya. This child looks like a girl with that long hair.

  • Anon2

    Beautiful… as nature intended!

  • Anonymous

    This is a beautiful child but the way they combed his hair, he totally looks like a girl. Why do celebrities want their boys to look like girls? Hank Jr, Sparrow, Otis….

    • Anonymous

      You do know that non-celebries little boys have long hair too don’t you? Or are you living in a box were everything black and white.

      Having long hair on a boy dose not make them look like a girls. That’s just your ignorant way of thinking, we’re boy/girls have to have their hair a certain way to fit into your mold of what a boy or girl should look like.

    • SMH

      Well I’m not sure about all the celeb boys but some of them are of jewish decent and in the culture often times they do not cut a childs hair before his/her 3rd birthday which would be the reason why so many of them (Otis) have longer hair.

      I am def traditional I like boys to look like boys and little girls to look like girls. Hank is beyond GEORGEOUS but he does look like a little gilr these days. Nothing wrong w/ that if the parents are okay with it but it would take for ONE person to say, “oh what a cute girl you have” before I’d have to cut my sons hair!

      • Anonymous

        How sad for you, that you are soooooo concerned with what perfect strangers think. What a thing to teach your children! They’re fine UNLESS a stranger thinks otherwise.

        Please please please do not have children! The world needs less you!

  • Elle

    I really don’t see the problem… as long as it’s not getting in his eyes or bothering him, then what’s the problem? It’s only society that states boys should have short hair (and the opposite for girls), it’s not the LAW. Leave them be.

  • ivy

    It’s not even about looking like a girl, he’s way passed that. It just looks nasty now. She should be ashamed of herself.

  • AdalIde

    Anonymous @4:32 – they’re not saying having long hair makes you look like a girl, they merely said THE WAY THEY COMBED his hair. The Rossdale boys have long hair and look like boys. It has nothing to do with the length.

  • A.

    He looks like Harlow Madden

  • Skeeter

    Who cares anyway? By the looks of it way too many!

  • Ebonita

    First his hair was too “wild” not it’s too long. I would love to see the day when people stop being concerned about the aesthetics of children.

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