Happy 1st Birthday Cree Hardrict!


Name: Cree Taylor Hardrict

Date of Birth: June 28, 2011

Parents: Tia Mowry & Cory Hardrict

Siblings: none


♥ Cree was born in Los Angeles, Calif.

♥ He weighed 8 lbs. at birth

♥ Cree is about to become a cousin (Tia’s twin sister Tamera is due with a baby boy this fall)

♥ His mama is a “huge” fan of Celebrity Baby Scoop!


♥ “Tia and I are very excited to be bringing life into this world. Just thinking about my child coming here brings a tear to my eyes and I will try to be the best father in the universe!” – an excited papa Cory on the impending arrival of his first child.

♥ “He’s amazing! He’s so smart, he’s growing, he’s trying to walk right now. I have a feeling he’s going to start running before he starts walking because he’s just so quick [laughs]. He’s clapping, he’s trying to sing, he’s trying to talk. He is just the apple of my eye!” – proud mama Tia on her baby boy’s development.

♥ “Happy 1st birthday to the luv of my life! I can’t believe u r 1 today! Time does fly! U make life worth living! Momma loves u Cree Cree!!!!!” – Tia tweeting her birthday message to her son.

♥ “I’m so excited! Mindy Weiss – who did my sister’s wedding and Jessica Simpson’s baby shower – she’s planning Cree’s first birthday party. It’s an Elmo-themed party. We’re going to have Tonka trucks, popcorn stands, and hot dog stands. I am so excited, I cannot wait! My sister has already informed me, ‘You know this party is for you!’ She’s right – it’s for the both of us! I think it’s a celebration.” – mama Tia on her plans for her son’s first birthday bash.



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  1. Just Saying


  2. sara

    What a cutie! He looks like such a happy kiddo. Can’t wait to see pics of him and his cousin together. Pregnancy/motherhood suits Tamera and Tia well.

  3. yolandahope

    Happy Birthday Cree!!! U r so handsome

  4. So cute

    Cute baby boy

  5. j.w.

    Happy birthday cree.u are just too handsome!


    Happy birthday Cree….handsome dude. May God continue to bless and keep u always!!!

  7. Sabrina

    Awwww look at Cree Cree!! He is just too cute for words.

  8. faith joseph

    he is so cute tia.i cant wait for season three to come on t.v

  9. He is sooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute happy 1st birthday p.s we are birthday mates

  10. He is sooooo cute .happy 1st birthday p.s we are birthday mates kiss kisss

  11. Channy

    Tia’s baby is beautiful. Ef all them haters with ugly kids talking about her baby is not cute. Kick rocks across a bridge with open toe shoes. He is so handsome.


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