Snooki: “Jionni Takes Care Of Me Like A Parent”

Snooki and Jionni out for a walk in Seaside Heights, New Jersey

Mom-to-be Snooki knows that her fiance Jionni LaValle will be a great parent. After all, he’s got plenty of experience.

“He takes care of me like a parent, and that’s what I need,” the reality star tells US. “The other day he told me to clean up around the house and I was like, ‘OK, Dad.’”

Snooki says that her beau also makes sure she’s eating well – especially now that she’s eating for two!

“This morning he made me a to-go oatmeal thing with a note: ‘This is for Junior. Eat up. Love you.’”

Though the 24-year-old’s hard-partying ways are well-known, Snooki insists she’s ready to move on: “I don’t regret my partying or getting blacked out,” she says. “It was awesome! But now it is time to be a parent.”

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  1. SMH

    Maybe she needs a parent. Everytime I hear her speak I think a 12 year old girl is speaking!

  2. Anonymous

    How tall is he? 5’0?

  3. Alexa

    If you feel the need to still have someone treat you as a child, do you think it is in the best interest for your child? Team work is great, but judging from this clip of an interview (which I know always has limits), I think it is time to start acting responsible for yourself so that you can be responsible for someone else.

  4. Anonymous

    How dose she think that’s ok or sounds cute? someone needs to tell her it’s time to grow the h*ll up. The relationship sounds toxic and not going to end well it never dose in those types of relationships that poor baby.

  5. justme

    This poor kid has no chance of being average height

  6. Anonymous

    Looks like Jionni will soon have 2 kids to take care of… poor guy.


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