Get the Look: Red Wagon Baby


Honor wears Red Wagon Baby Foil Coated Leggings in Rose from the Ivy and Olivia Collection – $28

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  1. Sara

    Even though the shiny pink is kinda cute, in all honesty – those leggings are so inappropriate for little girls!

  2. Stefanie

    Definitely nothing for a kid that age.

  3. Jen

    Yuck. Reminds me of American Apparel, which seems so trashy and pedo-istic (a-la Terry Richardson).

  4. Anonymous10

    Horrible! I would never EVER dress a little girl in those trashy leggings.

  5. Anna

    So you think this leggings are suitable for adults? They are ugly, not ok for anyone to wear. But I’d think better suited for a child than an adult.

  6. cm

    Disgusting. I would never dress or allow my young (or older) daughter to wear those shiny leggings, esp with that belly-baring shirt. What was JA trying to accomplish by dressing Honor (or permitting her to wear it if it had been Honor who had chosen it) in such a trashy outfit? Trying to recreate the Flashdance look in a child?!


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