Tom Cruise: First Visit With Suri

Tom Picks Up Suri

Tom Cruise has reunited with Suri.

Two weeks after Katie Holmes, 33, filed for divorce, the 50-year-old actor arrived in New York City on Tuesday (July 17) and was photographed carrying his girl into a hotel. It is his first visit with their 6-year-old daughter since they reached a divorce settlement on July 7.

“Tom looked really happy,” an observer told PEOPLE. Another source said, “He’s been dying to see her.”

Cruise finished shooting his latest movie, Oblivion, on Sunday in California. He learned of Holmes’ divorce filing while shooting the same film on location in Iceland and has not seen Suri in person since mid-June.

Holmes has been granted primary custody of Suri, but Cruise will “be with her whenever he can,” said a source.

They are said to be working on their co-parenting strategies.

“They both know they are going to have to make decisions together regarding Suri for many, many years,” said the source. “And they know she loves both her parents.”

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Photo credit: Bauer Griffin

  • DoesntMatter

    ….and this uncomfortable looking picture would be the first one we see lol

    • Anonymous

      How dose this picture uncomfortable?

  • sarah

    Do you think he probes her for info about what her mom says? I bet he’s super paranoid..

    • Banana

      LOL, my Dad did that to me when my parents divorced. I was eight. It didn’t take me long to learn never to say anything. xD

  • TimeOutTravels Danni

    So gross – he couldn’t be bothered to raise his first two kids – they lived with his sister while he worked – he clearly has no idea about boundaries or appropriate relationships especially with a child her age. It’s all about him.

  • Lya

    I kind of feel sorry for Sury. I feel major competition going on soon!,

  • Lya

    I meant Suri

  • Judi

    Dude, your daughter is 6 years old! I’m sure she’s able to walk by her own!!

    • NYC Mommy

      Judi- the amount of paparazzi and tourists standing in front of that hotel right now (at least 3 rows deept) is probably very overwhelming for a child or anyone for that matter. I would scoop my child up as well.

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