Rick Schroder & Daughters: Lunch To Go

Rick Schroder and his daughters enjoy some family time at The Grove [USA ONLY]

Rick Schroder and his daughters Cambrie, 15, and Faith, 10, enjoyed family time at The Grove in Los Angeles last Tuesday (July 17). They were seen carrying a bag from eatery Wood Ranch.

The actor also has Holden, 20, and Luke, 18, with wife Andrea.

In a past interview with Celebrity Baby Scoop Rick talked about raising their children.

He said, “Andrea and I bring totally different values to the table with our kids. Her No. 1 value is kindness, while I believe in working hard and giving 100%. The ‘tough’ stuff is talked about so much, it’s not tough anymore.

“Kids in America have such opportunity and it would be foolish if I didn’t protect my kids by being realistic and upfront about temptation, vices, and potential danger.”



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  1. H26

    WOW, his older daughter looks just like him. And she is a very pretty girl.

  2. Ann Marie Gauthier

    I was just about to say too that his older daughter is a female Rick Schroder. A striking resemblance not often seen in a father-daughter pair. Wow.

  3. anony

    Yeah, Rick and Cambrie might be the most similar-looking father and daughter I’ve ever seen.

    • luuluu

      You took the words right out of my mouth. WOW! I’ve NEVER seen a girl look soooo much like her father before. It looks very good on her.

  4. Popsykl

    its bizarre…she is his clone pmsl

  5. cambrie is 15

  6. CaramelKiss

    No DNA test needed here! This is one of the rare instances where a daughter looking like her father turns out well.


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