Gisele Bündchen Bumps It In Boston

Gisele Bundchen and Her Boys Leave Boston

Gisele Bündchen‘s baby bump was hard to miss as the supermodel mom was spotted at the airport in Boston, Massachusetts yesterday (August 12).

Looking casually cool in white pants and a cream-colored top, the Brazilian beauty was en route to catch a flight with her son Benjamin and stepson Jack. Though dad Tom Brady joined the group at the airport, he stayed behind to prep for the upcoming NFL season.

Though Gisele and Tom have both stayed mum since the pregnancy speculation first sparked in May, pics showing her growing belly in recent weeks have all but confirmed the happy news for them.

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Photo credit: Bauer Griffin

  • Lam

    RME! Can’t they take Jack back to his mom in NYC without people hounding them. What is up with all the pap stories this week. I am sure Bridget will be happy when Jack starts kindergarten in the fall, so that Jack will only have to deal with the cameras on Tom’s home weekends!

    • Anon

      *Maybe* Bridget is thrilled that Jack has a good relationship with his dad and sees him often. Just because people aren’t together doesn’t mean they don’t want what’s best for their children. I can’t see why Bridget would be thrilled that Jack will see his Dad less, at all.

      • Lam

        The schedule won’t be much different than it has been for the last two years when Jack was in preschool. Tom only had Jack for home weekends. What’s your problem??? According to Tom, he only sees his kid on average one week a month – this is the custody arrangement that they worked out. And I am sure Bridget is quite happy with it. Besides, what Mom would want to expose her children to being papped out all the time??? And don’t tell me that Gisele doesn’t call the paps, because she is great at avoiding them when she wants to (e.g her first pregnancy).

        • Lam

          I caveat that with I wouldn’t be surprised if Tom gets more time with him on vacations/summer.

        • Melissa

          A custody arrangement for when Jack was 2 years old. You do realize that custody arrangements change as children get older don’t you?

          I doubt that arrangement is still in affect considering Jack was with them in the Carribean for a week last fall during Tom’s bye week when Gisele was shooting her Givenchy campaign. He was also with them in Costa Rica, and has been photographed with them throughout the summer.

          It’s as though you keep trying to marginalize the relationship that Jack has with his father and father’s side of the family.

          The pictures of Jack with Tom, Ben, and Gisele at Patriots training camp this past week were adorable.

          Gisele and some celebrities are so A-List and that paparazzi camp out outside of their home, and follow them wherever they go throughout the day.

          There’s nothing Bridget can do about paparazzi pics. It was all good when they were taking her pics with Jack, but when he’s photographed with Tom/Gisele/Ben it’s “Oh so terrible!”. Please. She’s just jealous that she has to see Gisele live the life she wanted with Tom.

          Gisele was photographed extensively during her pregnancy. Some photos weren’t posted by CB, CBB, or Just Jared. Just like all the photos of this past week at training camp aren’t on this site.

          • Lam

            Going on vacation was when he was in preschool! And no he wasn’t with them for their two week vacation in Costa Rica, unless they left him with a babysitter, and had all those pap photos of them with Ben but not John! Get real! Jack will be starting kindergarten in NYC where he lives. Tom is in Boston during football season. Do you really think Jack will be commuting to school from Boston???? And then commute to NYC for school from California or Brazil or Costa Rica when they travel to those places after football season ends? You are delusional! Yes, I am sure they get more time during summer vacation and other vacations, but think about it logically! He’s in school! And not only did Tom say he only gets custody once a week, but Bridget said “occasionally he visits his father”. You are just bitter because your idols don’t get Jack as much as you would hope!

  • Lakesha

    Aww…look at the brothers!

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