Maci Bookout: It’s Hard To Share Bentley On Birthdays & Holidays


Teen Mom’s Maci Bookout admits she got emotional when celebrating Bentley’s third birthday. US Weekly published a preview clip of Tuesday’s episode showing Bentley inviting his dad Ryan Edwards to his party while Maci holds the phone.

“Bentley’s birthday was pretty emotional in dealing with the custody stuff with Ryan,” Bookout tells the magazine. “Birthdays and holidays are the hardest because we have to share him.”

The 21-year-old does approve of Edwards’ new girlfriend Dalis Connell.

“I’m a fan of her — she’s a really good girl. She’s responsible and really good with Bentley. I know [she and Ryan are] on and off a little bit and that’s aggravating because I don’t know what Bentley’s exposed to, but besides that, I’m rooting for her. I hope Ryan doesn’t screw this up!”

Maci gets $60,000 per season. She has said being on the MTV show has been a blessing in her life.

She confessed, “Without the show, I would’ve had to have a full-time job and be in school full-time and rarely ever get to spend time with Bentley. It’s been difficult, but it’s also been a big blessing.”


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  • Ann Marie Gauthier

    Bentley? Sigh.

  • Anonymous

    If it’s so difficult for her to share Bentley with holidays and birthdays than that stupid WHORE shouldn’t had sex and what is she doing on this website? She’s not a celebrity, she doesn’t have any talent. She is only a teen mom.

    • Anonymous

      Whore? Really? What are you, 12 years old?

      • Anonymous

        Okay she is a slut. Like adults don’t say the word whore. Idiot you are!!!

        • Annie12

          If being a whore means having sex by age 16, then I guess the whole world is whoring around! Sex is good and natural, and teens will have it whether you like it or not. RESPONSIBLE sex, however, demands education and maturity, which most of them sadly lack.

          • Anonymous

            I hope you are not implying that the everyone in world has had sex by the age of 16.

          • Annon

            Annie12 did you honestly just imply most of the world at 16 years old is having sex?? WOW! YOU seem to contribute to teen pregnancies. Protection is not 100% and with you contributing to the “everyones doing it” thing then you are just contributing to young naive girls doing things because they will feel rejected if they don’t or abnormal if they don’t.

        • Anonymous

          Statistics say that by the time they’re 16, 40% of kids have had some kind of “sexual contact”.

          I fail to see how that makes them “sluts” or “whores”. Do you reserve those titles JUST for 16-year olds? Or is a 17-year old having sex also a slut? How about 18? 19? 20? 35?

          That’s a pretty harsh judgement to make about someone whose sexual history cannot possibly be something you know anything about.

    • Kailyn

      Just Because Maci had her son when she was a teen does not make her a whore. I myself am a teen mom. My daughter will be five this year, which means i was 17 when i had her. Does that make me a whore too? There are things that happen in eveyone’s lives but that doesnt make that person bad. No one really plans on becoming a teen parent, but it is something i would never trade for anything. if you are willing to judge people so easily based on their past, it really makes me wonder what kind of person you are. Clearly, you are way too immature to comprehend what any teen parent goes through and i pray that if you ever have children of your own (or if you already have children) that they are not judgmental like you. It was hard enough going to high school everyday knowing someone somewhere in the hallways would make a nasty comment or shoot dirty looks at us. And we definitely don’t need people like you bringing back the memories of that. And how dare you sit there and judge Maci, or any other teen parent without actually meeting us…especially when everyone knows the only person that could ever pass judgement on anyone at all is God. Are you God? I didn’t think so.

      • :^(

        Stop jumping to conclusions. It’s just a comment. If you don’t like it, then seriously why do you even comment? Sorry that you had such a difficult time being pregnant at sixteen and someone would make a nasty comment etc. But you did this all by yourself and live with the fact that not everybody would respect, that you’re a teen mom. There will always be a person that will look dirty at you and make a nasty comment, because you are a teen mom.
        Like I said in my 3rd sentence, if you can’t handle negative comments than you shouldn’t even comment.

        • Anonymous

          The same goes for you. Why did you comment if you didn’t like Kailyn’s comment?

          Kailyn is entitled to her opinion and comments, the same as everyone else. (And just because people like you would give her dirty looks or make nasty comments doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be called out on how wrong it is to do that.)

          • Anonymous

            The same for you if you don’t like that comment than why do you even reply? I bet you’re the same Anonymous that replied the other negative comments. You’re just looking for a conversation with someone. Now that’s Lame!!!

      • Rayofsunshine

        So, you were a teen mom – big whoop! You gave it up and popped out a baby – just like millions of other women on the planet. Get over yourself and your oh-so-tragic high school memories of when your peers whispered in the halls about how you played hide-the-salami with your pimply-faced boyfriend. Boo. Hoo.

        • Alli

          Hahaha totally agree with you.

    • Annon

      Exactly i agree with you! If anyone doesn’t want to be a mother or have kids with the person they are having sex with then they shouldn’t be having sex at all especially at such a young age.Protection is never 100%!

      • Anonymous

        You agree that this girl is a whore because she had sex and got pregnant? I feel sorry for you.

    • SMH

      Really so what does that make Ryan then? Such double standards a guy can also be a teen dad but nothing is ever said about it but the mom is a whore or slut? ok then!

      I knew they had to make a pretty good amount per season so the fact that they complain so much about money makes me mad. They are not “hurting” financially in any ways. And I would like to know is it just the ladies who get the money or do they split that w/ the fathers?

      • Annon

        Ryans more of a whore than Maci because he wasn’t even a virgin when he has sex with her and he’s slept around more than Maci. But i still agree anyone who doesn’t want to have a child with someone shouldn’t be having sex at all. Because protection is never 100%. Just because people don’t talk about Ryan being a whore or stupid on her doesn’t mean they don’t think it, it’s just the article is about Maci and has a photo of Maci and Bentley. Hopefully Bentely doesn’t turn out like his parents….but it looks like that odds aren’t that good. Weren’t Macis parents teen parents? LOL! It runs in the family. But now days men aren’t required or expected to marry their pregnant girlfriends which is why they end up like Maci single moms with custody battles so sad.

    • Marianne

      If she’s a “whore” then so is her baby daddy Ryan. Funny you didn’t mention him…

  • arabella

    what is she doing on this website? She’s not a celebrity. kourtney k. is not a celebrity either. why is she on this website too.

    • gogogo

      If you’re not happy, why are YOU on this website?

    • Anonymous

      The definition of celebrity is someone famous or well-known. She qualifies, get over it.

  • F.A.J.

    I know that it’s not necessary to say the word whore, but I kinda agree with Anonymous 3:12 pm. She is not a celebrity but a teen mom. Just because you’re in a reality show for teen moms doesn’t make you a celebrity. I mean did the paps ever took picture of them? No and if so than that doesn’t make any sense.

    Kourtney is a celebrity, she is a businesswoman, socialite, model, actress and reality television personality. Maci is nothing but a teen mom. I can’t believe she has a fan site just because she is a teen mom. Pretty odd. My 13 years old daughter showed me the website. I am not a fan of her either. I actually like the Caitlynn and Tyler. They did the best for their daughter for putting her up for adoption.

    Ps. I am Dutch. Sorry if my English isn’t good.

    • Anonymous

      Kourtney is NOT a actress… And being a socialite also dose not quality you to be on this site, I will agree on the others.

      • F.A.J.

        I know, but she still is a model. It is said on wikipedia that she is an actress.

        • De

          I do not buy she is model at all.

  • Lulu

    Slut shaming? Seriously? Shame on some of you.

    • Annon

      Slut shaming is GOOD. Whether you are a man or a woman you shouldn’t be a slut all it does is create single parent families, custody battles, AIDS, STDS, abortions,unwanted kids, broken hearts etc. Oh yeah and no protection is 100% so don’t even use that excuse.

      • Anonymous

        Getting pregnant at 16 doesn’t make you a slut. You CLEARLY do not understand the definition of the word.

  • Sam

    while maci isn’t your typical celebrity, she serves as a role model for the dangers of unprotected sex. it’s important that young people these days are given a comprehensive sex education in order to prevent unwanted pregnancies (or to deal with them appropriately if they should so arise).

    you wouldn’t call her child’s father a whore, so why should she be subjected to such terms? because she’s female? shame on you.

  • huh?

    Get over who should and shouldn’t be on the website. If it bothers you, then just scroll down. Problem solved.

  • lu

    wow, how many nasty comments people can say….
    ok that shes not an actress, and i really dont like this reality, because i think is goofd in any way but is controversial, because is not the best option be a mom when u r a teen but this doesnt means that a teen mom is a whore… comme on,… obviously all the teenagers that become parents have to live hard things…its not easy for any person, a teenager its more complicated. but maci has right, the reality on her, works good, because she has money, and can follow her life easier than if she had a regular pregnancy… its important teenagers watch this show thinking that they are blessed… but it a difficult thing become parents so young… and have sex with responsability.
    hope all u understand, im a brazilian, so my english is not the best.

  • Elle

    Look up slut shaming guys, because that’s what most of you are doing.

  • Elle

    Also why would you name your kid after a car brand targeted mostly at old rich people?

  • Denise

    Thought Maci was the smart one besides Catelyn. But She isn’t any smarter than the next one. She isn’t trying to make life easier when I watch the shows. She makes is rough for Ryan. I know couples who have divorced, young couples who have had children and not been married. And their lives are great. They make so hard. But they have to have drama on these shows and reality shows cut out alot in editing. BEWARE!!

  • Jennifer

    I like Maci and Bentley is precious…. I think overall she does have a good head on her shoulders and it’s obvious she loves that little boy to pieces. I only wish her the best!

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