Nicole Eggert & Keegan: Coldwater Canyon Park Pals

Nicole Eggert Hangs With Her Daughter At The Park

Baywatch star Nicole Eggert was photographed with her 1-year-old daughter Keegan in Beverly Hills, Calif. on Thursday (August 23). The duo enjoyed a day at Coldwater Canyon Park on the sunny afternoon.

The day before, we spotted the Celebrity Fit Club star out for a jog in L.A. with her youngest daughter.

After giving birth to Keegan 13 months ago, the Charles in Charge actress has been focussing on living a healthy lifestyle. “A lot of my weight gain was being depressed and being home,” she has admitted.

Nicole was thrust into the spotlight at the age of 5 by a mother who entered her into beauty pageants.

The actress, 40, also has a 14-year-old daughter Dilyn.

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  • Susana

    Nicole looks amazing. If anyone says again she is fat or whatever I am going to get pissed off! seriously!

    • gogogo

      I think she is really pretty too. Perfect like that

    • Umm Yeaaa….

      I SOOOO totally agree with you!! I don’t get whats so fat about here. She was in her early 20s when she was on baywatch and now she is 40. I think she looks beautiful.

  • Anonymous

    She’s clearly trying to be healthier so I give her props for that, but let’s be honest, she is overweight.

  • Anonymous

    Overweight by who’s standards? I think she looks normal for a 40 year old. So because she’s not a size 1, you think she’s overweight? You people make me sick. But that’s Hollyweird for you…..anorexic looking is the “in” thing.

    • Anonymous9

      By whose standards? How about the American Medical Association’s?

      She is overweight. She’s not denying it so why is everybody trying to defend her by saying it isn’t true? She wants to get back to a healthy weight and be around, and active, for the sake of her baby. That’s a good thing. Nobody said that she needs to be a size zero, but a size 16 isn’t healthy, either.

      We’ve got one of the highest rates of overweight/obesity problems in the world. Calling overweight “normal” is only going to make that worse.

      She’s working really hard to lose the weight. How about we just applaud her efforts and wish her well?

      • Anonymous

        Finally, a voice of reason!?

      • Anonymous

        There are lots of things that are unhealthy, true, but I defy you to find one medical study that says a “size 16 isn’t healthy”.

        What a dumb thing to say.

        • Anonymous

          Actually, it was a pretty smart thing to say. Being a size 16 is overweight and being overweight is unhealthy for many reasons which you’re hopefully aware of. Pretty simple.

          • Westin

            You know, being a size 16 when you’re 6′ 5″ tall is not that unusual. So glad you’ve decided that I (and every other size 16) am unhealthy without knowing ANYTHING about my diet, lifestyle, exercise, anything.

            Another Dr Internet Idiot. Great.

  • Anon.

    I’ve always been a fan of Nicole’s since she was on Charle’s in Charge. I think she is doing a great job of losing the weight, and she is very pretty. Her daughter is sooooo cute.

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