Annie Leibovitz & Her Girls: Fun At The Fair

Exclusive - Annie Leibovitz Takes Her Twin Daughters to the Dutchess County Fair

Annie Leibovitz and her daughters Samuelle and Susan were seen at the Dutchess County Fair in Rhinebeck, New York on Sunday (August 26). The celebrity photographer treated the 7-year-olds to cotton candy.

Both girls – born to a surrogate in 2005 – had on headbands and white shirts but chose different colored skirts and leggings to wear. Annie, 62, wore all black.

In a past interview with USA Today - Leibowitz said, “I always wanted children, and I just flipped priorities.”

She also recalled the time she gave birth to her daughter Sarah in 2001.

“They wheeled Sarah in, and you just realized, ‘It’s a person.’ You become responsible.”


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  1. arabella

    is her daughter name Samuel or its pronounced a different way.

  2. Ann Marie Gauthier

    Pictured here is 10-year old Sarah Cameron and 7-year old Susan. Sarah was born to Leibovitz at 51 in 2001 while Susan (and her twin brother, Samuelle) were born to a surrogate in 2005.

  3. Anonymous

    She gave birth at 51! Wow!

  4. Rebecca

    I’m pretty sure Samuelle’s name isn’t pronounced exactly like Samuel — most likely, it’s pronounced like “sam-WELL” or “sam-u-ELLE”, either way, with the “elle” being stressed.

    I can’t believe she gave birth at 51 and then again with twins at 55…wow!

  5. Anonymous

    Twins at 55?? Totally selfish.


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