First Baby Bump Photo Of Adele

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Weeks from welcoming her first child, Adele was glowing as she patted her baby bump recently in London, England. Life & Style shares the first photo of the singer since her pregnancy announcement in June.

The mom-to-be, 24, and beau Simon Konecki enjoyed a quiet dinner at Eight Over Eight and window-shopping at Fulham Road’s antiques shops and bookstores.

“Adele was relaxed and calm, and she and Simon looked really great together,” an eyewitness tells the mag. “She seemed very, very happy. She absolutely does have a pregnancy glow.”

Another reason for the glow? The Set Fire to the Rain singer was sporting a gold band on her ring finger.

“Adele and Simon managed to keep the baby news a secret for so long that there are rumors they’ve already gotten married, too,” reveals an insider. “She’s an old-fashioned girl and can’t wait to be part of a family unit. She just wants to focus on the baby and the man she loves.”

For more on Adele pick up this week’s issue of Life & Style, on stands now.

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  1. Why can’t celebs get it right? Wedding than baby. If I was going to do it all wrong I would at least wait until I had the baby then tie the knot. I don’t know what’s more tacky. A huge stomach at my wedding or having the baby there. I am very happy for Adele but it seems as if she is rushing into things to fast. Hopefully she is marrying becuz she is really in love and not becuz she’s just pregnant becuz we all know how that ends.

  2. Jennie

    The last time I checked, people that got married then had a baby didn’t do any better than those that had baby then did or didn’t get married. That one little piece of paper isn’t a magic fix-it-all in this day and age. Commitment comes from the heart and soul, not the law. Just my opinion.

    • Elena

      And opinion of everyone else with common sense!

    • Lisa

      This isn’t abouta little piece of paper. It’s about the religious ceremony. That’s what matters if you ask me. But these days nobody cares about religion anymore (apparently its scifi) so I don’t know why we’re even bothering.

      • Anonymous

        If YOU care about religion, then you should definitely have a religious ceremony.

        There are OTHER beliefs out there in the big ‘ol world. Stop preuming that every has to do what YOU would do.

      • Anonymous

        Not everyone is religious. Not everyone who gets married does it for religious purposes. So your point that marriage is about religion is invalid. Live and let live. As long as you follow your beliefs and practices there should be no problem.


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