‘Price Is Right’ Model Rachel Reynolds Expecting First Child


The Price Is Right model Rachel Reynolds is expecting her first child with husband David Dellucci. The 29-year-old – who has been part of the game show since 2003 – announced the news on Monday to host Drew Carey and the live studio audience.

She posted a photo and Tweeted: “My hubby joined me on the show @priceisright today to announce some “BIG” news!”

She tells People, “David and I are so thrilled!. In early June, David and I took our summer vacation to Maui and Kauai, Hawaii. While we were there, it seemed that everywhere we turned there was a pregnant woman. David looked at me with a big grin on his face and said ‘Maybe it’s a sign!’ Well, a week after returning from our trip we found out that I was pregnant!”

She adds, “I’ve been blessed with a wonderful career on The Price Is Right, an amazing husband, loving friends and family, and now we are expecting our first child together. I couldn’t ask for anything more. I’m a very lucky girl!”

Reynold married Delluci – a retired Major League Baseball Outfielder – in 2010. Their baby is due in February 2013.



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  1. Lizzie

    I can’t believe this site is posting about this :S

  2. Anon

    No, but I didn’t know who Tori Spelling was either, and she seems to be considered a “celebrity” in the American culture, so why would I question this pretty blonde? Different countries have different people who are well known. Rachel Reynolds, Tori Spelling, Denise Richards, Guliana Rancic etc are not popular where I’m from. I wouldn’t expect CBS to stop posting about them just because I didn’t know they exsisted.

  3. Nina D.

    Aww!!! I love Rachel! Her husband used to play for the Cleveland Indians, which is my family’s baseball team, and my Mom and I watch The Price Is Right together every day. SO happy for Rachel and David!

  4. grace

    I dont believe she is 29 years old.She looks more like 36 years old.

  5. Just turned on PIR. She does not look pregnant to me. In fact yesterday she wore a bathing suit. No bump.

  6. Lydia Hammond

    I am so happy for Rachel nothing is greater than a beautiful little baby, a gift from God! May God less u with a healthy happy baby!

  7. Janet Blank

    We watch the Price is Right every day that we are home. Rachel is our favorite model. We wish her well in her pregnancy and that she has a healthy baby. It is a wonderful thing to be a parent. God bless you. Dave & Janet Blank


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