Travis Barker & His Punkish Posse

Travis Barker And Kids Shop Barneys New York

Blink 182 musician Travis Barker was snapped walking with his two children Alabama, 6, and Landon, 8, after shopping at Barneys New York in Beverly Hills, Calif. on Wednesday (September 5).

In September’s issue of Rhythm magazine, Travis opened up about his recent health scare.

“I went to the doctor and found that I had eight ulcers in my stomach and then I found that I had a condition from it, from excessive smoking and possibly eating acidic food, but I don’t really eat acidic food, so it was probably just from smoking,” the drummer reveals. “I had pre-cancerous cells in my throat, right there that was a game changer. I quit everything immediately.”

“It’s made a difference. I feel 100% where as before I’d think, ‘I feel good but last night I went hard.’ It’s a lot more consistent like this, you don’t really have good and bad days, you don’t wake up blaming something on a hangover or you did this too much or that too much,” he adds.

“Some people don’t get that wake-up call, they just go straight to the bad news, so it’s a second chance.”

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Photo credit: FameFlynet

  • Heather

    I thought his wake up call would have been the plane crash….

    • DoesntMatter

      WOW exactly! But maybe theres more to this interview, he cant be that naive about life. He is REALLY lucky to be alive after that plane crash..

    • Elle

      I think that crash was unbelievably difficult for him to deal with – his close friend died in the crash, and the only other survivor (DJ AM) died a year later. Just giving up habits when you’re in bereavement was hardly going to be easy.

  • DoesntMatter

    Oh yea the kids are cute, they look like little vampires tho LOL

  • Annie12

    Is that 6 year-old wearing eyeliner?

  • Anonymous

    Daughter looks like a whore.

    • Elle

      Overstatement much?

    • Anonymous

      And you sound like an idiot.

      I’d rather look like a whore.

  • Cláudia.

    Saying a 6-year-old little girl look like a whore is just wrong and promiscuous. She’s a girly girl, and every single girly girl love to wear make up, what do you expect from a former Miss USA and a punk drummer daughter to look like? These kids are such a free and open minds, I don’t really see anything wrong about express themselves trough their haircuts and clothing styles, I think this is pretty awesome to be honest.

    • Judi

      Yeah, but she’s only 6 years old and she’s wearing a full make-up, it doesn’t seem wrong to you? It’s scary to think how she will look like at age of 18…

    • Anonymous

      I think it’s pretty sad to be honest, that you don’t know how to use the word promiscuous properly. Good job on the spelling though!

      • Cláudia.

        I’m not even from US and english isn’t my native language so, just shut up.

  • Anonymous

    I can’t believe someone would say that about a six year old?!! how rude and inappropriate

  • sally

    I think it’s more sad that she looks that way, than for someone saying she looks like a “whore”. She is 6 years old, but is dressing like a 15 year old. Heavy make-up like that is so inappropriate for a child. If she wants to wear make-up at home or lip gloss, that’s appropriate for a 6 year old. It’s sad that her childhood is being taken away by this loss of innocence. She has the rest of her life to be an adult & wear make-up.

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