Ethan Hawke Has A Ball With His Baby

Ethan Hawke throws a football around with son Levon while holding on to baby daughter Indiana at a park in NYC

Actor Ethan Hawke put his multi-tasking skills to use at the park in NYC this weekend, tossing the football around with his son Levon while carrying his youngest daughter Indiana (September 8).

Ethan, who has Levon and his sister Maya with his ex Uma Thurman and daughters Indiana and Clementine with his wife Ryan Shawnhughes, recently opened up about life as a father-of-four:

“I try not to be desperate at all with anything with the kids. Having four of them you see how little control you have. When I had my first [with ex-wife Uma Thurman], I thought my parenting was so important but when you have four of them you realize human beings are so completely themselves, they are so unique unto themselves, that it doesn’t have that much to do with you. I mean obviously you want to create a situation where they’re healthy and have a good education. But apart from that you don’t have any control really about whether they’re literary or whether they’re interested in sports.”

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  • Anabelle

    I hate to be one of those complainy people, but holding a baby and playing catch at the same time seems really dangerous =S

  • NYC Mommy

    Anabelle- I totally agree. The baby could easily get hurt.

  • Anonymous9

    Come on, he’s tossing a ball around in the park with a kid; he’s not playing linebacker for the Patriots. Kid’s a lot safer than all the celebrity babies being carried around by women on 6 inch high heels.

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