Mario Lopez & Family Are A Grove Group

Mario Lopez and Courtney Mazza get some family time at The Grove - Part 2 [USA ONLY]

MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew host Mario Lopez was all smiles as he strolled through The Grove in Los Angeles, Calif. with his two leading ladies Courtney Mazza and their nearly 2-year-old daughter Gia on Saturday (September 8).

It seems Mario’s ex-wife Ali Landry – who went through an emotional roller coaster following the split from her husband of two weeks in 2004 after learning of multiple alleged infidelities on his part – claims that his cheating ways were actually a blessing in disguise.

“A marriage is a very, very big deal, so it wasn’t just like, ‘Oh yeah, get married, get divorced.’ For me, my parents are still together. The sacrament of marriage for me is very, very important,” she tells Access Hollywood. “So I never even knew anyone who did that to someone else – didn’t even know that was possible, like [from] someone you trusted and loved. I was blindsided. The rug was pulled out from underneath me.”

“But that’s OK,” she continues.” It prepared me for my husband, who I really feel is a gift.”

“I feel like today, I am a better person because of it and I really look back and think that was the best thing that ever happened to me,” she adds. “It changed me as a woman, you know, just the way I sort of walk through this world. Something was really terrible, but something absolutely wonderful came from it. That’s all you can really ask for.”

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  1. Anonymous

    Little Gia’s not getting any cuter…

  2. lilly

    Is Courtney pregnant again?

  3. mary

    She can’t help having Downs syndrome, she is still cute.

  4. Ebonita

    Kind of weird that this whole article is about Ali and not Mario and his family.

  5. bianca

    i do not understand why someone would choose to hide the fact that their child has a disability. gia is beautiful and wonderful, and such a little blessing. i only wish that mario and courtney would speak up about it and use it to bring positive attention to disabilities and help other children like gia get the kind of care they need and deserve.

  6. laura

    The wife looks preggo

  7. Anonymous

    It’s Down Syndrome, not Down’s Syndrome. If we’re going to diagnose this little girl can we at least do it intelligently?

  8. hcn

    I don’t think she has Down Syndrome. She looks perfectly normal to me. Idk why people are saying she has that ^ disease … :/ smh


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