Happy 2nd Birthday Gia Lopez!


Name: Gia Francesca Lopez

Date of Birth: September 11, 2010

Parents: Mario Lopez & Courtney Mazza

Siblings: None


♥ Gia was born in Burbank, Calif.

♥ She weighed  6 lbs & 4 oz at birth

♥ Gia’s parents met in 2008 while performing together in Broadway’s A Chorus Line

♥ They became engaged in early 2012


“We are so overjoyed. What an amazing, wonderful and overwhelming experience to welcome our daughter into the world.” – proud papa Mario on the birth of his first daughter.

“I love [being a dad] more than anything. I absolutely can’t wait to get home to see her – she’s so amazing. The whole experience is so amazing.” – Mario on fatherhood.

“The biggest surprise about becoming a father was watching her being born because I didn’t know if she was going to be girl or a boy. The way Courtney was carrying and everything else, I had a feeling it was going to be a girl – and I was right.” – Mario on having a hunch they were having a girl.

“Oh yeah, I’m definitely hands-on, changing the diapers and everything.” Mario on being an involved parent.

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  1. anonymous

    Beautiful girl

  2. Happy birthday Gia!

  3. MIA

    Happy Birthday – you are very cute, like your parents!


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