Hapy 4th Birthday Brendan Wahlberg!

Mark Wahlberg Hits the Beach With His Family

Name: Brendan Joseph Wahlberg

Date of Birth: September 16, 2008

Parents: Mark Wahlberg & Rhea Durham

Siblings: Ella, 9, Michael, 5, & Grace, 2


♥ Brendan was born in Los Angeles, Calif.

♥ He weighed 7 lbs & 10 oz at birth


“When my son looks at me and says, ‘Daddy, go out of the room. I want to watch this by myself,’ I know he’s up to something. So I’ll walk out one door [and] come around the other when he’s on the counter trying to grab the scissors or the knife. He got a hold of his antibiotics and ate three. Of course I go into a panic attack and I called our pediatrician and he said, ‘Don’t worry. The worse he’ll get is diarrhea, he’ll be fine.’” – Mark on his youngest son.

“I know people might read this and think, ‘Ugh,’ but I love my life. It’s hectic and stressful at times. But I’m really happy. I love the traditions of family and home. Babies, kids, holidays — that’s what I’m good at.” – mama Rhea on loving motherhood.

“I don’t want my kids to be in the entertainment business, which is why I’m trying to build a lot of [separate] businesses. If they feel [passionate about acting], and that’s the decision they want to make, then I’ll support them. But I’ll do everything I can to point them in another direction.” – papa Mark on not wanting his children to follow down his famous path.

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  1. Tori

    Then why follow that path himself? I hate when families try to stear their kids in the opposite direction of where they went especially when they have the money to try something different.

  2. Katie

    Happy birthday Brendan!


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