Ricki Lake: Home Birth Changed My Life

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Talk show host and mom-of-two Ricki Lake appears in Scholastic Parent & Child’s October issue and opens up about starting over, her new hubby, the benefits of home birth and raising sons Milo, 15, and Owen, 11.

On trying to raise down-to-earth kids: “I want them to be in touch with the real world and to be able to see themselves as just two of the billions of people on this planet. There’s a lot of charity work that we do as a family; this summer they went to Malawi to build a house for a family that needed a home. Volunteer work is incredible for kids who are growing up rather privileged and need to really get a sense of the world, the big picture. Milo and Owen learned first- hand about giving back. Their trip to Africa changed something inside them forever, and they will always carry that experience.”

On her new husband Christian Evans: “My kids love him. He is an angel that has come into our lives, not just for me in that I’ve found this beautiful partner, but also as an amazing role model for my sons. They all get along beautifully.”

On her return to television: “I made a documentary [about natural childbirth] called The Business of Being Born, and it’s probably my favorite of anything that I’ve done in my career. The impact of the movie has been the key thing that prompted me to go back to doing daytime television. I imagined having this kind of platform again, to talk about issues that matter to so many of us.”

On how home birth changed her life: “That high is something I will never forget. The feeling that ‘if I can do this, I can do anything’ has stayed with me through the years. I’ve gotten through a really difficult divorce, I’ve taken all these steps in my career, and I did Dancing With the Stars, which was one of the toughest things I’ve ever done! I look back on what my body was able to do when pushed to the limit and what my mind was able to get me past. Truly, you feel empowered and strong. It’s a gift. It’s a gift I was able to give to myself and to my little boy who feels very special that he was brought into the world the way he was.”

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  • karyn

    glad for you, ricki. now zip it.

    • Anonymous

      She gave an interview. Why don’t you try not reading it and commenting on blog posts.

  • Anonymous9

    Why is she always announcing that something has changed her life? It’s something new every week.

  • kelly

    MEOW! Can’t the women on this site be happy instead of a bunch of jealous haters.

  • Susana

    I am sorry but its so boring that she keeps talking about her home birth. STOP!

  • http://jessicasimpsonnews.com Pauline Mclaughlin

    I love that homebirth changed her life, and I also love the fact that she talks about the birth, most celebrity mom’s don’t talk about the birth at all and for me that’s boring! Each to their own I guess. So many celebs seem to be having babies and getting pregnant right now, like Jessica Simpson and her cute daughter Maxwell. I wanted to be a midwife so all this stuff intrigues me! Giving birth is lifechanging, it’s nice to see someone talk about it in a positive way instead of just talking about the bad bits like the pain.

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