Nicole Kidman: “I’m So Attached” To My Kids


Academy Award-winning actress Nicole Kidman covers the November issue of Harper’s Bazaar and opens up about husband Keith Urban and her four kids: Bella, 19, Connor, 17, Sunday, 4, and Faith, 1 1/2.

On anxiety when away from her kids: “I’d love to say that it’s easy, but it isn’t. I miss them so much when I’m away. And so I limit the amount of time away through no other reason than I just love, I love them. But that’s my personality. I get 3 A.M. panics because I’m so attached.”

On raising her four kids: “Time goes by so fast now, and having raised two little kids who are now adults and two new children in the world, it’s fleeting.”

On who gets her couture dresses: “Whichever daughter loves clothes more will get dibs on all those. But I keep them in the same way that I’d keep a painting.”

On her husband Keith Urban: “He just gave me confidence through just being very kind to me and understanding me, opening me up to trying things, my sexuality, those sorts of things.” After her high-profile marriage to Tom Cruise, Nicole characterizes Urban as “more like an ocean; he took me out.” She has always appreciated “a bigger, stronger personality; that’s what I’ve been drawn to. I need protection. Everyone wants to feel someone’s got their back.”

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  • Anonymous

    When she says she can’t stand to be away from her kids, I’m assuming she means just the younger ones? Because she lived across the country from her two older ones during much of their early years.

    • Kat

      She and Tom divorced when the older kids were 9 and 6. So she was with them during their “early years.” And after that she was with them until Scientology convinced them to turn on her. I’m guessing she had two other kids when she realized her older kids were being turned against her.

      • Anonymous

        So, like back up kids? Makes sense.

        • KTGrace

          It’s not as if you KNOW anything, but do tell, what do YOU think she should have done that she didn’t do, O Wise One?

        • DoesntMatter

          Anonymous.. i think back-up kids is an appropriate response to what Kats comment said. That is pretty much what she said… I thumb-up ur comment!

  • lola

    Blame Tom for turning the kids against her. It was not her fault or the kids. Tom spoiled them rotten and of course they wanted to go with him. I aplaud Nicole for going ahead with her life. Tom probably threatened her and I think she had a very hard time dealing with the kids. They lived with his aunt who tutored them so Nicole was alone. Katie awould have ended up the same way if it wasn’t for her father. She had her fathers help throughout the whole divorce. He is a lawyer and knew how to get Tom to give Suri up to Katie.

  • SMH

    I def believe her older children are brainwashed. She got out. Katie got out. They were the lucky ones!

  • Ivy

    that’s the point of all religion, to brainwash. that way you are able to ignore the truth and facts.

  • vebook

    way too much photoshopped!!

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