Lorenzo Lamas-Craig Shows Off His Gals

Lorenzo spends time with his family at The Grove  [USA ONLY]

Lorenzo Lamas-Craig – formerly known as Lorenzo Lamas – was spotted with his fifth wife Shawna Craig and his 14-year old daughter Alexandra as they shopped at the Grove in West Hollywood, Calif. on Saturday (October 6).

The former Bold and the Beautiful actor – who has two other daughters Victoria and Isabella with his ex-wife Shauna Sand – was the centre of attention for his two ladies. Both of the gals held on to the 54-year old’s arms as they walked.

Earlier this year, the soap star’s other daughter Shayne Lamas, 26, opened up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about growing up with a famous father.

“Growing up with my dad was kind of surreal to how my sisters are growing up with him as a dad. When I was little, he was at the top of his career. We would go to Disneyland, and he would be mobbed like Michael Jackson. I remember thinking that it was normal. I grew up around it and grew up in the entertainment business with my grandparents. He was a great dad. My parents were divorced, and I wish that he was involved in my life a little more. I got older and he apologized for not being so involved in my life. I think he realized with his little ones – my little sisters – what he missed out on in my childhood. He is giving that to them, which is amazing. Other than that, my dad and I have a great relationship and a special bond.”

Lamas-Craig has two other adult children – son A.J. and daughter Paton.


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  • Anonymous


  • Lizzie

    I’m pretty shocked that that is his wife. His daughter is pretty.

  • Bink

    5th wife? I can see why. He certainly can pick ’em! You’d think the wife would have a liitle respect for his daughter and lose the t shirt .

    • NYC Mommy

      Actually the stepmom’s wardrobe in a SMALL step up from her mom at least stepmom has flats on and is not wearing lucite 10 inch stripper heels and a thong bikini.

  • Anon!

    She is isabella, his youngest daughter

  • Alyssa

    Holy Carp!! What happened to him? And which one is his daughter???

  • Gayle

    Wow! What happened to him? I used to think he was so handsome. He has aged horribly! His fifth wife? Real classy isn’t she? I cannot believe anyone can go out into public wearing that shirt or any shirt for that matter with profanity on it. Wow, I cannot believe how unbelievably unclassy she looks!

  • Leah

    Wow the wife looks like trash, so what if she is young she is a ugly young woman looking like a broke run down east hastings hooker, her shorts as like underwear, and nice shirt classy broad.

  • Bella

    Nice shirt the wife has on. That is ridiculous..I feel sorry for his young daughter.

  • Luuuluuu

    Who say’s you get wiser and make better choices with age. Lorenzo definately blew that thought process out of the water. >>5TH WIFE<<!!! How pathetic.

  • DoesntMatter

    WAIT! He took HER last name??

    • amy

      I thought it was weird too (still do), but a while ago he explained that one of his ex-wives is named shauna, and she still goes by shauna lamas, so his new wife didn’t want to have the same name – therefore, he took her last name. I understand why he did it – but… still odd lol

      • Solène

        I think it may be the less odd thing about their couple, I really don’t see any issue in taking the wife’s name, it’s the 21st century! If I got married, the only way I would take my husband’s name is if he took mine as well!

    • Anonymous

      So? More and more men are doing it.

  • SMH

    Ok wow glad l went back and read the story all l saw was 14 yr old daughter and thought the one in the inappropriate shirt was the 14 yr old!!! The actual 14 yr old looks about 10!!!! Everything about this photo is odd. And guess he really likes the name shawna/ shauna!

    • anonymous

      The website got the daughters name and age wrong… this is the youngest daughter who is 11 years old, not 14.

  • Jennifer

    ugh. His wife! That shirt! whoa. Very trashy.

  • Jen

    Omg I thought that was his teenage daughter!!! What the ?!

  • Jen

    Omg I thought the wife was his teenage daughter!!! What the ?!

  • Kasey

    Wow, what a classy pair. I,too,feel sorry for his daughter. Step mother looks trashy. I don’t know her, but I would go so far as to say wearing that in front of his 14 year old daughter, she IS trashy. Just my opinion of course….

  • April

    Celebrity baby scoop…WHY would you show this image of such a “trash'” looking woman (with F*cking on her shirt) on a site about families and children??

    • Anonymous

      Because some families aren’t living in the dark ages and can disapprove of her shirt without feeling the need to censor everything they see.

  • K M

    The Grove is not in West Hollywood (which is not a neighborhood, it’s its own city). The Grove is a mall in Los Angeles proper.

  • Sarah

    I thought his wife was his daughter too…I was like geshh..I am surprised she’s as old as she is…but wow 5th wife..hope this one works out….she is really setting a good impression for his young daughters.

  • Anonymous

    Lorenzo is highly intelligent ,incredibly talented, with looks to die for, I hope Shauna appreciates her good fortune.

  • Josie

    OMG!! He should be so embarrassed!! What vulgar trash! How long til #6? How pathetic. Sad. Poor kids. Dad never grew up and money can’t buy decency.

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