Rachel Zoe’s Smiling Skyler

Rachel Zoe and Skyler have lunch in West Hollywood

Rachel Zoe took Skyler out to lunch in West Hollywood, Calif. on Friday (October 12). While walking down Robertson Blvd. – the 18-month-old decided to run ahead of mom letting his hat fly off.

Looks like Skyler is also talking more too. Zoe re-tweeted on Thursday, “I mean… RT @mandanadayani Skyler just said Major. This is a big day at @RachelZoe camp”

In an interview with Marie Claire UK – the stylist says she never has time to relax.

She said, “I don’t have time. Especially now being a mom. I get some points where I try to close my eyes for like 20 minutes and it just doesn’t happen. So relaxing for me now just isn’t happening! But I think post fashion season I plan to just sit and snuggle with my son…oh and my husband!”


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  • http://Flickr.com F.A.J.

    That’s what I can call an adorable baby!!!

  • Mary

    So happy and gorgeous!

  • coco

    wow, first smile ever! he always look so depressed..

    • http://Flickr.com FeliCITY

      That’s not true!!! He smiles a lot!!! I don’t know how you came up with that. It’s not funny to talk about a baby that he looks depressed! Lame

    • brooke

      Yeah, an 18 month old baby really has a lot things to be depressed about.

      • coco

        Well, he must have learnt it from his mum, she never smiles either!

  • Anonymous

    His little shoes are so cute! I want to know where she found them!

    • Lola

      Yes, cute shoes. But enough with the HATS!! That kid wears a hat everyday and they look stupid. I saw a picture of the whole family the other day and they ALL had hats on. It looks rediculous. For a stylist she sure doesn’t change-up her look.

  • Denim

    Wow, he definitely lives up to his nickname Sky, check out those eyes!

  • Anonymous

    He looks like a girl and ironically has a girls name.

    • devyn

      The irony here is that you think you know what you’re talking about, but you don’t. Skyler is a unisex name like Ashley, Leslie, Shelley, Tracy, Dana, Beverly, Everly need I go on? He is one gorgeous kid and looks like a little a happy little guy.

    • Denim

      Skyler is a boys name you dumbass! A dutch boys name. Also check the popularity of the name in the US, and its mostly used on boys. Stupid git.

  • Kasey

    LOL He reminds me of a very adorable baby doll or something, I can’t think of the word. He is freaking adorable!

  • Dana

    SO cute!!! What a joy.

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