Giuliana Rancic On Her Son: “I Love It When He Poops”

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Since the arrival of her first child Edward Duke on August 29th with hubby Bill Rancic, reality television star Giuliana Rancic, 37,  has been loving every moment with her sweet son –  even the not-so-pleasant ones.

“This is so gross, but I love when he poops,” the new mom reveals to PEOPLE. “They make these noises and I’m always like, ‘Bill, here he goes. Tape this, tape this!’ And he’s like, ‘Must we tape this?’”

“It’s such a good feeling because it shows that he’s healthy and he’s regular and things are looking good,” she adds. “I love changing poopy diapers. When I open a diaper and it’s poopy, I’m like, ‘Yes, score!’”

Upon the birth of their son via gestational surrogate, the couple say they were thrilled to each play a big part in the delivery process.

“Being in the delivery room was pretty incredible,” she recalls.

“When he came out and we saw him for the first time it was just tears of joy all around,” she continues. “Bill had the very important job of cutting his umbilical cord — and banking his cord blood — and I got to hold him first to do skin to skin.”

As far as his name goes, the couple blended both a family name with an all-time favorite.

“Edward is Bill’s late father’s name and Eduardo is my father’s name,” Giuliana shares, adding her husband refers to their new little one as The Duke. “We’ve always loved the name Duke. We thought it was a really strong name, it means leader and I have a feeling he’s going to be the leader of our family!”

As the proud parents settle into life with Duke — who inherited Giuliana’s dimples and Bill’s nose and coloring, according to the new mama — the E! host admits not everything has been what she expected.

“The one thing I never thought I’d do is when I’m doing a live interview, looking at the camera and saying, ‘Hi Duke,’ and waving to my child,” she admits.

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  • May

    For the love of God, shut up. If you can’t say anything smart, don’t say anything. She sounds so stupid in that interview.

  • Alla

    Go home to your baby!!!!!!

  • HDP

    Why the heck didn’t they just use “Duke” as his first name if they’re never gonna call him Edward?
    Duke is a great name for a dog – riddick for a kiddo.

  • coco


  • Kasey

    I know shes proud but I wish she’d just zip it for more than three minutes at a time. We don’t have to know every little detail that ever happens in her life. Yes he’s cute and healthy and I’m glad she is too but I wish she’d stop milking this.

    • rachel

      she’s not different from any other mother that is excited by her baby…

      which truly was a miracle that he was born at all by the way!!

  • Anonymous

    I see all the low life haters are out….

    • Rose

      By calling other people low lifes, you’re making yourself into a hater. It amazes me that you can’t see what a hypocrite you’re being.

      • Anon

        I disagree, and can NEVER understand why someone goes out of their way to post meanness on an article about someone they profess not to care about.

  • Alina

    Nobody cares…

  • Jan18

    And why are you negatively commenting??????????? Obviously you don’t like them, why are you reading the articles? Surely you could comment on someone you do like.

  • Jennifer

    I guess if you wished for a baby for so long you would be so excited about every little thing….maybe even poopy diapers!

  • Allirexic

    Too bad she can’t get excited about eating a burger once and a while

  • Anonymous

    Rose – you’re a piece of shit

    • Rose

      Anonymous – you’re a piece of shit

      • Anonymous

        Wow, you both are incredibly mature.

    • Anon

      Really? What are you, 12?

  • Bloubiboulga

    I’m with Bill on that one.. Must we know this??

  • Lakesha

    Why shouldn’t she be ecstatic about a baby she has always wanted? You people do know that this is exactly what every interviewer is asking her about.

  • Sally Ann

    Can we go back to the 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, & 60’s movie stars were interviewed about their latest film & costars, location site, etc. Even though it would mean leaving my favorite celebrity baby pages in the past. I think we need to stop going so personal into each celebrity’s life. It’s only making their heads bigger & seemingly self important. I realize I’m hypocritical saying this on a website solely for celebrity sightings, but it’s also where some of my target audience is located. We need to remember these people
    Are just movie stars, not genius’. More attention, esteem, & money should go towards more important & helpful towards furthering/benefitting society as a whole. Scientists, doctors, teachers (please help the teachers!), police. All of
    These people deserve way for focus and celebration than reality stars.

    • Kim

      That would be fine, but with “celebritites” like these, there’s nothing else for them to talk about. They do nothing. So, unfortunately, it would seem a lot of them have babies to keep themselves relevant.

      • Anonymous

        They have babies to keep themselves relevant? C’mon, you don’t really believe that, do you? They couldn’t be having babies because that’s what 80% of people on the planet do?

        • Kim

          Nope. I’m sticking to my guns here. If they weren’t doing it to keep themselves relevant, then they wouldn’t be whoring out pictures of their kids at every opportunity, and they certainly wouldn’t be embarassing themselves and their children by talking about the contents of their diapers.

  • Dana

    Most annoying celebrity lately! But cute baby all the same.

  • Anonymous

    I think people are commenting negatively because they’re fed up with this woman. Every detail of her life no matter how big or small has to be told to the media. I don’t think they consider that these children have to grow up and will eventually hear these stories. Talk about oversharing. I feel bad for Edward. Or Duke. Or Rancic. Whatever they’re calling this boy.

  • Denim

    She’s such an idiot. Can we please stop getting posts about her? So annoying

  • Anonymous

    The hatred for this woman is amazing. She could find a cure for breast cancer and you guys would call her selfish.

    • Anonymous

      Probably because she’d use it as a way to promote her stupid show.

  • Mimi

    Well, I for one love her. Their show is fun to watch and good for them for being happy about the little guy. All mom’s are ecstatic about their kids (or should be). And I’m sure she’s getting interviewed and the first question the interviewer asks is, “tell us about Duke.”

    • Jennifer

      I agree Mimi….She is an excited new mom and she wished for her baby for so long…I am very happy for her and Bill! I think it’s horrible hearing people call her ‘idiot’ and all….I watch their show and was very moved by all that they went through with her breast cancer, the infertility, etc. It’s breast cancer awareness month and she is a survivor! My childhood friend just lost her life to breast cancer and left behind two precious sons, ages 5 & 8. It’s heartbreaking. I wish Bill, Giuliana & the baby all the best!

    • coco

      The show is not fun, she’s really super dumb… Like in whatever situation she always answers the dumbest thing ever… I watched it last week for the first time and I was speechless..

  • Jen

    Totally tmi. I cannot imagine filming such a thing. I get her being excited, but that was just waaaaaaaay too much information for the general public. Share that with your friends or husband if you have to!

  • Judi

    This woman is so pathetic. Please just shut the hell up and don’t give another interview- never. Yeah, you love your child and motherhood, we GOT THIS. Now please shut up and go home

  • http://Website Kamm

    Sad how you ppl say for her to shut up and shes dum and all this crap acting as if she calls u n tells u every detail.. Ur reading ir watching her if you dnt lik it stop being nosey reading or watchin her.. That lady been threw alot and has gone threw shit most havent so dont be misrrable and rain on a womens parade because shes happy … Its sad ppl envy famous ppl to talk shit on a website about a women being overly happy with her life!!! -pathetic

  • Terri

    I am glad that she was able to overcome breast cancer, but I can’t think of a more selfish person. She doesn’t do anything. Every time they move a team of people organize everything from soup to nuts! She isn’t involved in anything that has to do with logistics or home life. They have a nanny to look after their son and their still complaining. They don’t know how the rest of the world perceives this. It is a luxury to be able to have people come in and settle every detail of your life. They should appreciate what they have and stop going on and on about how hard it is. This woman has no idea what other mothers have to go thru to raise a child and take care of a family.

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