Misha Collins Reveals His Daughter’s Name


Supernatural star Misha Collins and his wife Victoria Vantoch welcomed their second child on September 25 and her name has finally been revealed!

During a guest appearance at the Edmonton Comic & Entertainment Expo on Saturday (October 20), the proud papa opened the floor for some Q & A time from the fans. When asked if the couple have named their new daughter, the actor replied, “I have. Yup. I don’t know why it’s a difficult decision to make and now every time I’m signing autographs and people tell me their names I’m like, ‘Aw man I should have thought of that one.”

He continued, “Maison but it’s spelled the french house – maison, but it’s pronounced ‘Mason’…and middle name Marie.”

Welcome to the world, Maison Marie!

The couple have a 2-year old son named West.

Thank you to CBS reader klutzy_girl.

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  1. K

    I like the name quite a bit actually. Unique but not crazy like other celebs. It’s a pretty name and I like the spelling, congrats!! :)

  2. klutzy_girl

    I love the name! Congratulations again to them.

  3. Lila

    Its definitely cute, but risky in my opinion. Only because Mason is so popular for baby boy’s at the moment it means she’ll be growing up with and going to school with a lot of boy Mason’s and that be weird for her, and children could possibly tease her for having a boy name.

    I do realize its a unisex name, Camille from Real Housewives has a girl Mason, but the popularity of it amongst boys and babies right now is obvious.

  4. Anonymous9

    Well, at least she has decades of having people misspell her name to look forward to. That’s always nice.

  5. Katie

    Oh my god! Love the name! Was only thinking Maison/Mason/Maisyn would be great for a girl, nickname Maisie. Mason Marie was what I came up with, seeing as Marie is my mn, it’s a family name. Beautiful baby! Congrats Misha, Victoria & West

  6. Katelyn Nickoriuk & Jeannelle Bovette

    Bitch please. He told us first. He was at the autograph signing (2 hours late) in Edmonton, and we personally asked him. Misha told us her name, and also said that, “You are actually going to be the first people I tell. I named her yesterday…” *smirk*

  7. This was really something very special and interesting. Thanks for sharing


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