Cash Warren: Beach Day With The Family


Cash Warren has shared a few lovely photos of the family trip to the beach on Sunday (October 21).

One picture is a downward view of 4-year-old Honor. He writes: “Fantastic weekend in Laguna Beach w/ the family.”

In another – you seen just Cash and Jessica Alba’s shadows.

The caption reads: “Late night walk on the beach with My Lovely.”

In a past post for iVillage Alba wrote about how she and Cash make time for each other.

“Cash and I have also found that maintaining a family schedule is the key to making time for each other. Whether we’re settling into the couch to watch bad reality television or getting a babysitter so we can enjoy a date night out, we always know we have dedicated time after the girls are asleep to catch up, discuss what’s on our minds, and simply just be with each other (no cell phones or e-mail allowed!).”


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Photo credit: Instagram

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