Tori Spelling Tweets Hattie’s Messy Meal


Someone’s having fun!

Tori Spelling Tweeted this funny photo of her 1-year-old daughter Hattie enjoying a meal, writing, “1 thing I know is that Ive got a messy (&adorable) eater on my hands.”

The crafty mom, who also has kids Liam, Stella and baby Finn with her husband Dean McDermott, dropped a Halloween hint as well, writing, “This pic is a hint as to what Hattie’s Halloween costume will be. I’m in the process of making it for her now!”

Any guesses?

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Photo credit: Twitter

  • Someone

    A bowl of spaghetti?

  • Heather

    She is so cute! I think she is going to be really bonde when she gets hair!

  • alexandra

    She looks so different from Liam and Stella!

  • popsykl

    all i can think is…”choking hazzard” and i am not even one of those hysterical mums

    • Anonymous

      A bowl of mushy spaghetti is a choking hazard?

      • popsykl


  • Juliette

    Awww, so cute. I say she is going to be a meatball (With Spaghetti) :)

  • Carolyn

    Does anyone know what kind of high chair she’s in?

    • May

      It’s a Stokke Tripp Trapp, with an attached baby tray.

  • Bec

    It’s baby led weaning (where your baby is NOT spoon fed and is free to explore texture and taste of food in their own time and and choosing what bits in their tray they want to try first)
    Baby led weaning is not only easier but it means a less fussy eater as they are allowed to set their own pace and feel confident in their own choices!

    • Anonymous

      Easy there. It’s giving your kid some spaghetti. It’s not a ‘movement’.

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