Tori Spelling Celebrates Hattie’s First Birthday

Tori Spelling and Retro Crocs Help Daughter Hattie Celebrate Her First Birthday

Mom-of-four Tori Spelling transformed into the Queen of Hearts as she pulled off a posh birthday party for her daughter Hattie. The Beverly Hills, 90210 alum laid on a Mad Hatter-themed party to celebrate her youngest daughter’s first birthday in Los Angeles, Calif. last week.

The Spelling-McDermott family – including papa Dean McDermott and older sibs Liam, 5, and Stella, 4 – celebrated in style with 150 of their closest friends.

No expense was spared, with guests being treated to festive decor with giant butterflies, actors roaming around as Alice and the Mad Hatter and a four-tired Alice in Wonderland cake.

And not to mention the party favors, including Net Nanny web safety software and personalized Mabel’s Labels.

Proud mama Tori says Hattie, who was born on October 10, “Looks like the perfect blend of Liam and Stella.”

Tori and Dean are also parents to 2-month-old son Finn.

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Photo credit: Net Nanny

  • HDP

    Seems like every week Tori’s throwing a special event for something! The baby is turning 1 year old – does she really need 150 of her moms “closest friends” around for it?

    • laura

      People who (can) have everything don’t appreciate the value of things.
      I mean I understand if for a wedding they want to do things the big way, but such a waste for her daughter’s 1st birthday is just a waste and an insult to poor people.

      • dee willis

        agree 100% sorry but those kids are going to never know what it is like to work hard for money etc. Hopefully they will turn out ok but doubt it !

    • mom4sure

      Yes and I recall in the first season of “Tori and Dean” she was constant harping on how her mom was “so over the top” when it came to throwing parties for Tori and her brother and dress them up in very excessive costumes for halloween and she just wanted to be a “normal” kid but she is doing the “exact” same thing to hers but at least her mom did it for them and not to be paraded in front of every media outlet for money…shame on Tori she had a MUCH BETTER mother than she will ever be.

  • Anonymous

    I love the product placement in the picture.

  • Anonymous

    “150 of their closest friends” – that’s pretty funny.

    • dee willis

      does she have 150 close friends—ha doubt it. This is ridiculous for a first b-day and love the product placement in the pics and on display. You know who paid for this event. Sad , Sad !!!

  • Anonymous

    I know she just had a baby but she looks really bloated. Moreso than after past pregnancies.

    • Anonymous

      She didn’t have time to lose any baby weight from her 3rd pregnancy before she got pregnant again. It’s much harder to bounce back after back-to-back pregnancies.

  • Heather

    Awe, such a cutie! She has such bright, beautiful blue eyes!

  • Sandra

    Why does Tori always have to have such a big party for almost everything she does! Any kids birthday party has to be a humongous event for her! I find she really loves the attention and loves everyone seeing her and her family doings and it really doesn’t make sense to me at all! People that want all that attention seem to be lacking something in their lives. What she is lacking, I don’t know, but that is what I think.

    • Anonymous2007

      Because she gets sponsorers to pay for these parties that what all the product placements is for. The more people she has at these parties the more people to buy these products and endorse them .

    • Michelle

      I have heard her say that she was raised this way. Always had elaborate parties for her birthday.

  • KitKat

    This is her job, give her a break… They also need to feed their family :)

    • Anonymous

      They can’t get jobs that dosent require them pimping out thier kids that news to me. When did getting sponsorers to pay for your kids Birthday parties become a job?

    • Rose

      Are you kidding me? You really think that her children aren’t going to eat that week if she doesn’t pimp out their birthday parties for cash? She lives in a multi-million dollar house, has a household staff, and buys $1,500 dollar t-shirts. She pimps out her children’s personal lives so she can maintain a ritzy Hollywood lifestyle, not so she can feed her children.

  • Kyle Livingston

    looks like hattie will have beautiful brown hair and big beautiful blue eyes one day

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