Kristin Cavallari On Motherhood: “I’m Really, Really Tired”

Kristin Cavallari takes baby Camden Jack out in Santa Monica

New mama Kristin Cavallari is no stranger to the struggles of motherhood.

In an interview with Life & Style magazine, the former Laguna Beach star – who welcomed son Camden with fiancé Jay Cutler 2 months ago – discusses the tough task of caring for her sweet son while Jay is away playing football for the Chicago Bears.

“I’m really, really tired,” the 25-year-old mother admits.

“Before we had the baby, I liked that we had alone time,” she adds. “But now with the baby, I feel like Jay is gone all the time.”

Although she has been functioning for the most part as a single parent, Kristin says her mom has been a huge help with Camden.

“Because I’m traveling, it’s been hard,” Kristin – who is designing a shoe line for Chinese Laundry and has been traveling from Chicago to New York and Los Angeles – says. “It’s really nice having my mom. She helps a lot!”

“I was able to bond with Camden since I was breast-feeding,” Kristin continues. “It’d been harder for Jay because Camden is so small and Jay doesn’t really have as much time to get close to him.”

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  1. Allison

    That’s very sad.

  2. Anne

    I agree the entire thing is just sad.

  3. Courtney

    boo hoo she’s a crybaby

  4. Someone

    At least she is finally not proclaiming every little thing is absolutely perfect

  5. cb

    she has stated from the very birth of this child how wonderful everything is, how easy a baby he is, how she was made for motherhood, etc.
    quit whining – that is what you have a nanny for !!!!
    husband cant be stuck to you all the time.
    in fact, have we even seen him (or them together) since the birth ?

  6. Megan

    Last week she said they already want #2!

  7. just curious

    where are all her fans? why aren’t they commenting?

  8. Amanda Nelson


  9. cc



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