Ryan Phillippe & Girlfriend Cheer On Deacon

Ryan Phillippe And His Girlfriend Watch Son Deacon Phillippe's Flag Football Game

Actor Ryan Phillippe was photographed cheering on 9-year-old son Deacon at his football game in Brentwood, Calif. on Saturday (November 3). The handsome duo were joined by Ryan’s girlfriend, college student Paulina Slagter.

This marks the first time we’ve seen the Crash star with his son since August. Meanwhile, we’ve spotted the sweet boy with his mama, Academy Award-winning actress Reese Witherspoon, numerous times in recent weeks.

Ryan and Reese are also parents to 13-year-old daughter Ava.

In addition, the actor, 38, is rumored to be the father of a daughter, 1-year-old Kailani, with ex-girlfriend, actress Alexis Knapp.

While Ryan has not confirmed his paternity, Alexis named the baby Kailani Merizalde Phillippe Knapp.

“I break my back for my daughter, and I wouldn’t have it any other way,” Alexis recently stated.

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Photo credit: INFphoto.com/AKM-GSI/FameFlynet/Pacific Coast News

  • bubbles

    I find it so annoying and strange that some of these celebrity daddies always have to bring their flavor of the month “girlfriends” along. spend some quality time with your kid and leave the rotating caroussel of GFs aside.

    • Anonymous

      I agree. Keep them apart from your children until you are sure to be committed to one person.

    • Anonymous

      Female celebrities are equally as bad. Rayan has been with the girl for months now.

      • Tasha

        I agree

        Kate Hudson
        Halle Berry
        Courtney Cox
        Heidi Klum…………..ex

        Yes Heidi kids knew the bodyguard but they went from it being mommy and daddy to mommy and the bodyguard in no time flat.

      • bubbles

        wow, MONTHS!! 2? 3?

  • Kasey1

    I totally agree with both of you. If she’s not going to be permanent in their lives, why bring her around? I guess I don’t know if she will be around, considering it’s not my life so I have no idea what the truth is, but I would think he could leave his girlfriend at home for a bit to cheer his son on. Just my opinion of course, doesn’t mean I’m right.

  • Joy

    college student meaning college-aged? like 20? what is he doing?!!!

  • Anonymous

    I agree with the above 3 comments.

  • Sandra

    His so called girlfriend looks like she is 15 years old! Wow! What is it with these guys that have girlfriends half their age?

    • Gramma

      “his so called girlfriend”? What are you saying? Such harsh comments here. I hear that Paulina is 22 years old. Young, yes. But clearly an adult. As for not bringing her around his children, Ryan and Paulina have been dating for over a year. Surely it would be bizarre to date a woman and not bring her into his life, which includes his children. Whether this relationship flourishes or flounders, I wish them both the best. Relationships are difficult and that doesn’t depend upon whether one is the same age or not. No comments about what a handsome young man Deacon is becoming?

      • a.

        AGREE! :)

  • Anonymous

    She’s 20 and he’s 38. Is he not even the smallest bit embarrassed?

    • Anonymous

      Have you ever known someone with an age gap like that to be embarassed?

      Michael Douglas comes to mind. 25 years older than his wife. He doesn’t strike me as embarassed.

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