Leah Messer Expecting Another Daughter


Teen Mom 2 cast member Leah Messer is thinking pink.

The reality TV star, 20 – who found out she was pregnant shortly after marrying pipe layer Jeremy Calvert in April – just learned she is expecting a girl, In Touch reports.

And Leah, who is five months along in her pregnancy, is thrilled about having another daughter. “Leah is very excited,” a friend tells the mag.

Baby girl on-the-way will be Leah’s third daughter. The young mom has 2-year-old twin daughters, Aliannah and Aleeah, with ex-husband Corey Simms.

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Photo credit: MTV/Scott Gires

  • coco

    Here it is: always the same old story of a teen mum who’s pregnant again.
    When is someone going to admit that maybe creating those shows that glamorize teen pregnancy and make these girls feel like they’re stars was a mistake?

    • Anonymous

      Studies actually show that teen pregnancy has gone down since the show started.

      • coco

        A part from for the girls who actually do the show: they are all either pregnant again, or miscarried, or in prison…
        I highly doubt the show did any good.

        • Anonymous

          The show might not have done anything good for the girls on it, but considerng teen pregnancy has gone down, I’d say it’s done some good for the rest of the country.

          • coco

            So their sacrifice for the community is a good thing?
            That’s still to be proven..

          • Fara

            Says who? You? Provide some solid facts before making a blanket statement.

          • Marie Thorton

            I don’t think teen mom t.v show is the cause of teen preg. going down…It has went up and down through the years…I think where there is more options of birth control out there…I just don’t think they are the reason it has went down.

    • Angie Thomas

      You are exactly right! I have watched these shows, it does noting but glamorize being pregnant and having a baby! Its shows them going on vacations 10 times a yr., also what teen can afford to move to miami Flordia? also they have expensive cars, some of their clothing they wear cost more than I would make in 2 weeks pay! now Leah prego again…What does that show teens? they think well must not be to hard or she wouldn’t have gotten pregnant again…Really as soon as she started dating this new guy she got prego and it ended in her loosing the baby??? I thought teen mom was suppose to be an advocate against teen’s getting prego, and getting on birth control…I think it should have been in their contract you get knocked up again you are off the show! but no they will pay her more! SMH….her getting prego again does not look good for that show! and does not look good for trying to let teens know how hard it is to be a teen mom! Must not be to hard Leah u wouldnt have got knocked up again… I do not want my daughter watching this show at all!..if anything a teen would wanna go out and try 2 get prego to try to get on 16 an prego! SMH

    • Angie Thomas

      Leah getting pregnant makes teen mom Tv show look very bad! Teen mom 2 has done nothing but glamorize having babies… MTV should have never paid these moms this much. MTV should had just agreed the babies would get money when they turned 21…& MTV could have just made sure the babies would have all the diapers & formula and clothing…I could have understood that but these teens has been able to get plastic surgery… breast implants..this makes a teen think hey i could get pregnant & they would prob pick me to be on teen mom…it shows these teens with everything expensive that no teens that age could afford…and now Leah she has really made teen mom look bad ! she has done been pregnant 3x’s the 1 before this one she lost it…I thought teen mom girls was suppose to be an advocate against teen pregnancy…u know Leah makes it look like well must have not been that hard or she wouldn’t have got pregnant again. Really ..SMH..What is she going 2 tell teens well I think everytime you get a new boyfriend don’t wait a long time to make sure you are going to be with the guy just try to trap…Get pregnant again…she has not been with this guy very long at all…when she got pregnant the first time by him she was only with him a few months.. she gives teen mom a bad name…not that it looked good to start with!

  • HDP

    She’s an adult now, she’s married, they both have jobs and their own house. Get over it. There is no reason why she shouldn’t be allowed to choose to add to her family.

    • laura

      I bet you wouldn’t wish to your daughter the same story, though..

    • Anonymous

      I agree. I don’t get the hate.

      She’s not perfect, but it seems to me that she does a pretty good job with her babies.

  • maryellen

    stupid is as stupid does

  • Kasey1

    I agree with everyone. From what I saw on the show, though she’s super fickle. She went from Robbie to Corey to Robbie to Corey to Jeremy…I mean clearly she can’t make up her mind. Also, the only thing is she probably she would’ve waited until she was with Jeremy alone for a little bit before adding another child to the mix. I mean she’s 20 with twins and expecting her second child with her husband of not even two years, I imagine that’s stressful. But if she’s happy then that’s all that matters.

  • Amber

    Leah seems to take care of her daughters, but is quite indecisive when it comes to men. The show doesn’t glamorize teen pregnancy. It shows the good, the bad, and the ugly. There are already pregnancy and birth stories on television, this one is just directed at a younger target audience. There is nothing glamorous about being a teen raising a child (more than likely) on your own, puke on your clothes, up all night, no sleep, no friends, no time for yourself, family looking down on you etc… If a girl isn’t smart enough to see that, then she is dumb enough not to use protection and would have ended up with child anyways. Keep the hate to yourself people

    • gini

      well said

  • alyssa

    Why do you people care. She is married woman, if she wants to add to her family why cant she. Just because she young? I know many 30+ who probably shouldn’t be having more children because they cant afford it. This girl can. Get over yourselves. Id love to see her have a boy, three girls. I can only imagine the teenage years

    • laura

      I totally disagree.. “She’s a married woman” makes her look like a mature and responsible person, but she’s not. She’s 20. 20, did you understand? At 20- never mind if you got married- you’re still a kid, you’re just out of your teens.. It would be too soon even if she hadn’t been a teen mum, and especially since she already has 2 children it’s not good to add another this soon..
      A ring on your finger doesn’t make you more mature. At the opposite, in cases like Leah’s it just shows her irresponsibility, it shows how she is NOT mature. At 20 she is already a mother of two, divorced from her first husband, married a second time, miscarried, and pregnant again with her new husband, and you call this person “mature”, “ready”?????

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