Vanessa Paradis: “I Have My Children To Protect”

Paradis attends a premiere

Almost 6 months after her split from her longtime love Johnny Depp, actress and singer Vanessa Paradis says that her children’s well-being remains her priority.

“I don’t sell my private life, and nobody knows the truth or has done a proper journalist’s work on that situation,” Vanessa, who has kids Lily-Rose and Jack with her ex, tells The Daily Beast. “Nowadays, people speculate, but nobody knows! I have my children to protect. There are children involved, so it’s really no one’s business but the family.”

Vanessa says that this protective mother’s instinct came in handy for latest film, Cafe de Flore, in which she plays a mom whose child has Down Syndrome.

“All parents are [overprotective]. When somebody hurts your child, you become a war machine. You couldn’t kill, but you want to,” she muses. “We have the gut feeling, you know? You love and you fear for them, and it’s all here [points to her belly]. I understand that.”

Vanessa and Johnny were together for 14 years before they announced their split earlier this year.

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  1. Anonymous

    I don’t know what Johnny ever saw in her.

  2. Kasey1

    Good on her, I like that she’s say it’s no one’s business. Too many celebrities want to parade their relationships when it’s good and then cry privacy when it goes sour. I like that she isn’t spilling her guts about the breakup or whatever.

  3. DoesntMatter

    See it is possible for celebs to have some levels of privacy. I think its all about how and where they decide to live their lives. Good for her

  4. Laura

    then why does she let her daughter dress like a whore, have you seen thatkids clothing choices???

  5. It is true that, all the parents are overprotective for their children. When somebody hurts their child, they become like a war machine.

  6. Anonymous

    Maybe she could “protect” her daughter a little bit more by not letting her dress like a prostitute.

    • Alexa

      Are you implying if she gets hurt, it is her fault because of the way she dresses? Women blaming women for crimes against women.

      • Anonymous

        I’m implying that her daughter would probably garner less negative male attention if she covered her genitals.

        • Luuuluuu


        • Anonymous

          Don’t kid yourself. This child gets WAY more negative FEMALE attention from the hags on websites such as this one.

          Heaven forbid someone doesn’t dress in the exact manner the hags think is acceptable, that someone is labeled a whore. Doesn’t matter if you’re 12 or 25. The hags are relentless.

          • Jesse

            Calling people hags wow, real mature and you complain about people calling people whores? Hypocrite! Nobody called Vanessas daughter a whore they just said she dresses like a prostitute, which in case you are too sheltered to know dress like her. There is a difference in saying you dress like someone and you are someone.

          • Jesse

            Oh and btw i’m 19 so i’m not a “hag” and yes i think Vanessas and Johnnys daughter dresses way too skimpy and trampy and her parents should be ashamed. She’s 13 she shouldn’t dress so skimpy and sexual!

  7. Laura

    you must be really naive or stupid to think that the way her daughter dresses wont get negative male attention, its like shes begging to be raped wearing barely there shorts and tiny little tanks…I think prostitutes cover up more, no come to think of it they do. This mother needs to watch what her child is wearing, its sad but true but men (pedophile ones) will look at this will evil desire in their eyes. dont deny it.

  8. Sarah

    It’s funny how everyone keeps talking about the way some kid dresses and not about the actual article. No offense to anyone, but I don’t really care if this kid dresses like a prostitute or a whore or too trampy/skimpy. Making fun of kids and judging them isn’t any fun! Making fun of their parents and judging THEM is enjoyable! Sheesh! And when did it become ok to judge kids?

    You’re all silly and need to see what’s really important here: Some Hollywood couple broke up! Now that’s something that will keep me from sleeping tonight!!

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