Peaches Geldof Expecting Baby No. 2

Peaches Geldof and Thomas Cohen seen with their son leaving Tinsel Town in London

Congratulations are in order for Peaches Geldof and husband Tom Cohen.

The TV presenter, 23, is three-and-a-half months pregnant with the couple’s second son who will be named Phaedra, Hello! reports. The news comes just six months after welcoming their son Astala.

Baby Phaedra – whose name is inspired by an ancient Greek play and one of the pair’s favorite songs – came as “quite a shock” to the new mom.

“Finding out I was pregnant again so soon was quite a shock,” the model confessed.

But it sounds like her rockstar hubby took the news in stride.

“Tom was so happy,” she said. “He loves being a dad so much and is brilliant with Astala, who totally adores him, so he was over the moon. I, on the other hand, did have a momentary panic and go, ‘Oh my God, we’re going to have a one-year-old and a one-month-old! How will we cope?'”

She added: “But Tom was so supportive and relaxed, it banished my doubts and I started imagining the two boys growing up together as the best of friends. It will be great for Astala to have Phaedra to play with.”

And it seems like history is repeating itself.

“There’s a similar age difference between myself and my sister [22-year-old model and singer] Pixie and we’ve always been very close,” said Peaches, who also has an older sister, Fifi, 29, and younger sister Tiger, 16. “Astal’s such a happy, sociable little boy, I think he will adore having a sibling.”

Peaches feared she might never have children of her own, having suffered an ectopic pregnancy years ago.

The couple’s first son, Astala Dylan Willow Geldof-Cohen, was born on April 21.

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  • Clair

    I have a friend named Phaedra it is a lovely name, I’ve never heard it for a boy before. Astala and Phaedra go well together.

  • Persefoni

    Phaedra is a feminine name. It’s very curious that they chose such a name for a little boy.

    • Anonymous

      Because it’s not a feminine name in England?

      • Clair

        I’m from England as I said above I have a friend called Pheadra who is a girl. It is pretty unusual for a boys name.

  • SMH

    Isnt 3.5 months early to tell the sex??

  • klutzy_girl

    Oh, I read this on another site earlier today and thought it was a girl they were naming Phaedra. (It’s actually one of my favorite names, honestly.)

    • Anonymous

      I’m glad it’s one of your favorite names, actually AND honestly.

      • Anonymous

        LOL!! :)

  • Jennifer

    How do they know already at 3.5 mo? I thought the earliest to really ‘see’ what you are having was like 18 weeks. Maybe I’m wrong though. That is really fast….she’s going to have her hands full with two baby boys! whoa!

  • Someone

    My two boys are a bit less than 18 months apart and while yes it is hard at times ultimately I am so happy that they are super close in age. My youngest is almost 1 and starting to play with big brother…gotta be the sweetest thing ever! She will have fun with two little guys!

  • Lila

    I also think its weird to choose such a feminine name for a boy. Both in the greek play and they song they are referring to Phaedra is a woman. The song is called ‘some velvet morning’ by nancy sinatra and lee hazel wood.
    I believe its pronounced like Fey-dra.
    I dont hate the name , though definitely not my style. At least it goes well with Astala

  • May

    Poor kid. After she dropped her baby on the sidewalk, I feel bad for any future children she might have.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, because no other mother has ever made a stupid mistake.

    • Kasey1

      Well, I’ll admit, I am super critical (I don’t mean to be, it comes from having my brother and his ex gf not take good care of my nephew, so I have high expectations..) Anyway, I’ll admit how she reacted was very strange, but he’s clearly okay and she honestly seems like a good mother. She seems very chill and like it suits her naturally. And I think I read somewhere that she doesn’t have a nanny but I could be wrong. If she doesn’t, that makes me look at her in a better lighting. Anyway, congrats to her. And if they do know what they’re having already, maybe she’s a little further along than 3.5 months.

  • laura

    Phaedre would be a very elegant name if it was a girl!!!!! If they name a boy Phaedra it’s jus trash!!! Come on, it’s like if you named a boy Hannah or a girl Thomas… Come on, there’s got to be a limit!!

  • anonymous

    about the sex you can find out as early as 15 weeks where I live. I found out all my kids genders at 15 weeks.

  • Anne

    She is 23, she suffered an ectopic pregnancy years ago? WTH?

    • Anonymous

      What’s your issue?

  • Anonymous

    Why are you all taking this story from Hello magazine as gospel?

    • klutzy_girl

      Because she said herself that she’s pregnant.

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