Kourtney Kardashian & Scott Disick: Together Forever

Kourtney Kardashian and her guys spend a day out in the City of Love [USA ONLY]

Love is in the air in the City of Light!

Reality star couple Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick descended upon beautiful Paris, France with their 2-year-old son Mason and a camera crew in tow this weekend (November 12). Dressed to impress, the family visited the Pont des Arts bridge, where they took part in an age old tradition: The lovebirds attached a padlock with the message “Kourtney & Scott Together Forever” to the bridge and then threw the key into the Seine below.

The trio, who were without baby sister Penelope Scotland, then stopped for a bite to eat at L’Avenue Restaurant before hitting the shops. Kourtney, 33, was seen checking out some pricey purses at Celine.

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Photo credit: AKM-GSI

  • popsykl

    scott looks so handsome :)

  • Anonymous

    Kourtney and Scott: together for the foreseeable future”

  • Anonymous

    When are they gonna cut that long stupid stringy hair of his? Do they think he looks cute like that? He certainly doesn’t.

  • cece

    Why do you keep saying that Mason is 2, when he’ll turn 3 in a month? He’s not 2, he’s much more 3 than 2. It may seem not important, but this is what I call being accurate as a journalist: reporting correctly dates, years, ages..

    • Anonymous

      If you are not yet 3, then you are technically 2. It’s pretty simple math.

      • cece

        He’s 2 years and 11 months old, his 2nd birthday was 11 months ago, his 3rd one month away. Even if formally not yet, he’s more 3 than 2. It’s pretty simple common sense.

  • Anonymous

    I agree. When they do stories on the Affleck kids they say nearly 7 and nearly 4. Maybe because Mason is still wearing diapers and not potty trained, they want him to seem younger.

    • NYC Mommy

      Anonymous- Just curious how do you know he is still in diapers? You cant tell from these pictures. Also almost three is somewhat normal to still be in daipers especially for boys and especially when mom just had another baby. He seems on target NO bottles NO pacificers and he walks like a big boy.

      • Anonymous

        You’re being way too reasonable! People on this site don’t like that :)

  • Tamara

    It really is way too cold out here to not be wearing socks. Madness!

    • Anonymous

      No one in history ever died from not wearing socks.

      No one in history ever even got the tiniest bit sick from not wearing socks.

      • laura

        Yeah, especially in late autumn-winter: try going out without socks in winter in new york, and then maybe you’ll change your mind..

      • Tamara

        It’s not about dying, its about having freezing cold toes. It’s uncomfortable and it hurts when they get hot again. Why would you not wear socks? Why would you put shoes & socks on yourself but not on your child?

  • cherysh bradette

    my god they think they are so good. but they make the ugliest kids!!!!! yuck!!

    • Hope

      He isn’t ugly! Don’t say rude things about a child and especially something that isn’t even true!

  • Adrienne

    This is not an “old tradition” at all… Some stupid people decided to start attaching padlocks to one of the most beautiful bridges in my city and now is completely polluted… It’s really a shame, what would you think if the K tagged the Statue of Liberty just to prove they’re in love? Stupid right???

    • NYC Mommy

      I agree, I just looked it up on WIKI and your are right not an age old tradition just a new fad with tourists. City of Paris should make law against throwing the keys in the river to reduce pollution or attaching padlocks to city property. Fine those tourists.

    • laura

      They do the same in a lot of famous cities: I’m from Verona in Italy, and because of Romeo and Juliet’s story they are making up so many fake “old traditions” that are useful just to make the tourists spend a lot of money in rubbish..

  • Anonymous

    NYC Mommy – you obviously didn’t see the pictures of him on the beach in Miami a couple of weeks ago and if you did you would know that he still wears diapers because he had them on! DUH!

    • NYC Mommy

      Why DUH ??? we are commenting on this photo and I asked a question. Shoot me and you are right I did not see those photos. Still does not change my opinion about potty training. Kid will do it when they are ready it may take him longer due to many changes in his routine (or lack of daily routine) Which is made difficult due to the amount of traveling they do and having a new baby also changes routine ALOT.

    • Anonymous

      Was it a diaper or a pull-up? Lots of 3-year olds wear them when swimming.

  • P!nk

    I saw those pictures too. It appeared to be a white pamper. Usually the swim diapers are blue.

  • Xxx

    NYC Mommy – how about he just has a lazy mommy that wont train him because she’s too busy exploiting her children in front of the cameras? And too busy with her stupid reality show? And too busy walking around thinking she’s a star? And too busy making sure her Baby daddy doesn’t cheat on her? Those are the REAL reasons.

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