P. Diddy Shares Photo Of “3 Princesses”


Sean ‘P. Diddy‘ Combs shared a snapshot of his three 5-year-old daughters – twins D’Lila Star and Jessie James, and Chance – taking a bath together.

“My 3 Princesses,” Puffy wrote via Instagram of the smiley trio in the tub.

Earlier this month, the R&B superstar shared a shot with all six of his children as they celebrated his 43rd birthday.

The twins’ mother is Diddy’s on-again-off-again girlfriend, Kim Porter. In October 2007, the Grammy Award-winning singer took legal responsibility for Chance, his daughter with Sarah Chapman.

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Photo credit: Instagram

  • Anonymous

    How embarassing to have 3 children the same age when only 2 of them are twins.

    • Pol

      That’s exactly what I thought when I read the article. I had to reread the line a couple times to be sure.
      No doubt he’ll have a great time explaining himself to his daughters when they’re adults.

      • laura

        Just like François Henri Pinault: two children more or less at the same time from two different women.. They probably never met, but sooner or later he’ll have to explain at least Valentina..

        • NYC Mommy

          Actually not to nitpick but those Pinault’s kids are a year apart NOT the same age.

  • Anonymous

    You took the words right out of my mouth. Well he’s a low life loser anyway and knocks up anything he sees. No class, morals, etc.

  • P!nk

    And he’s proud of that?

    • Anonymous

      Why wouldn’t he be? What are the repercussions to him? He can f*ck anyone, screw them over and there will STILL be a bevy of skanks lined up to be the next one he bends over the table.

    • Anonymous

      He proud of his kids and nothing wrong with that.

      Do you think he should hide them away because of how they came to be?

  • Anonymous

    What are the repercussions? How about AIDS. Let his D*** fall off. POS.

    • Anonymous

      Sure there COULD be repercussions but there haven’t been so far, so I doubt he’ll stop.

  • Eva

    Nothing new here….30 years ago one of my second grade students pointed to a child in another class at lunch and said “That’s my daddy’s little boy.” My concern here is – REALLY you gonna publish nearly naked pictures of your three little girls?!?!?!? That’s the skanky part;

    • laura

      Oh my god, this is not a picture of NAKED girls, these are very young girls taking a bath and you can see nothing genitals-related..
      You guys are really mormons in the Us.. You’re shocked as soon as you see an inch of a body, even if it’s the most innocent thing..

      • Anonymous

        Oh no! But what about the ped-o-files! You must worry every single second of the day!


        • laura

          Mmmm, honestly I don’t see why would pedophiles care about such an innocent picture, where you see just faces, arms and a couple of knees..
          If you think about it what attracts more the pedophiles could be the man pictures of celebrity babies at the seaside..

  • anonymous

    beautiful girls

  • Anonymous

    Laura, what country are you from? You sound like a “your a peein” where the pedophilia rate is sky high. Keep walking around topless and naked at beaches and exploiting your children and where class doesn’t exist.

    • NYC Mommy

      Anonymous- wow what a rude comment. Your comment makes us Americans look classless and ignorant. :(

      Way to stereotype a whole continent.

      • laura

        I don’t want to stereotype, but this is an american website which writes most about american celebrities and I’m pretty sure that most people who are here are from the Usa.. Obviously I don’t want to offend anybody, but here and in another website I sometimes read (just jared) I’ve noticed in many occasions that people do have a problem with nudity even if it’s just a very innocent thing, like this photo. It’s a matter of culture, I guess.

        • NYC Mommy

          Laura- I was not critcizing your comment. I was commenting to person who called you YOUR A PEEIN.

          You are generally correct about USA hang ups about nudity. We show more violence on TV and Movies and less nudity opposite of European TV and films.

          • laura

            In this case I’m sorry, I misunderstood your comment.. I’m glad though I had a chance to clarify my position.. :)

          • laura

            Anyway my comment wasn’t angry, I was just trying to clarify that I don’t just think for stereotypes..

    • laura

      1) I’m from Italy, and by the way my country has a law that forbids to publish minors’ faces on internet and newspapers, so I’m certainly against children’s exploitation.
      2) Again, in my modest opinion this picture is very innocent and has nothing that could interest the pedophiles: the girls are almost completely covered by foam. There’s far worse on the web than this.
      3) I don’t walk around naked, I don’t even go topless at the seaside myself, I’m just trying to be reasonable: howling about pedophiles and “naked girls” in cases like this is just exaggerate.

    • Anonymous

      You think topless and naked beaches have some connection to the number of pedophiles in a country? You really need to stop spouting nonsense as if it’s statistically proven fact.

      • laura

        I was answering to your own nonsense:

        “Laura, what country are you from? You sound like a “your a peein” where the pedophilia rate is sky high. Keep walking around topless and naked at beaches and exploiting your children and where class doesn’t exist”

  • Jacquie

    Is the fact that their dad got 2 different women pregnant at the same time important, or is the fact that he takes responsibility for his children and makes sure they have a good relationship with each other important. It’s an adorable photo and that is all that should matter.

    • Anonymous

      Agreed. If you’re here to see photos of cute kids, this photo is A+.

      If you’re here to put down their father because he’s something of a man-whore…… can’t you find another website to do it on?

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