Tamera Mowry & Adam Housley Debut Newborn Son Aden

Tamera Mowry's pic of Aden

Only two days after welcoming their first child, new mama Tamera Mowry, 34, and her hubby Adam Housley, 40, debuted their beautiful baby boy within the pages of In Touch magazine.

Weighing in at 9 lbs., 5 oz., baby Aden finally arrived on Monday (November 12) — two weeks after the Style network star’s Oct. 30th due date – and his parents are completely thrilled.Tamera admittedly tried to induce labor with natural remedies such as including drinking pineapple juice, evening primrose oil, and a glass of wine – even dancing, squatting and spicy food made the list.

“I seriously feel like I have been pregnant forever,” Tamera admitted several weeks ago. “Almost 10 months to be exact! Thirty-nine weeks in and no baby yet. ‘This has now become a waiting game,’ my OB told me.”

But the special day has finally arrived and these first-time parents are over-the-moon about meeting their new addition.

“We are so happy!” Adam tells In Touch. “He is healthy, happy, strong, beautiful and our families are so excited to have another grandchild, cousin and nephew.”

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Photo credit: Courtesy of In Touch Magazine

  • eliz

    these 2 are annoying as hell.. they’re basically mid 90s has-beens clinging to whatever shred of fame they still have.. couldn’t even wait to get home to show the baby off- to in touch magazine no less.. jeez!

    • Anonymous

      I guess it’s working since magazines are still paying them.

      • Sherri

        It’s not about getting paid, stupid! It’s about getting the photo out there so the crazy paparazzi won’t chase them down for a photo. Get a life!

    • Tara

      Oh yes please give us more information about the stars of 2012… Oh wait there are none. I will take articles about the “has been” mowry or Melissa Joan harts anyday over the no talent hacks from reality tv. At least these girls didn’t need to get wasted off their a**es and screw anyone in sight to make a name for themselves.

      Why comment anyway?!

      • http://celebritybabyscoop petrice

        That’s some mean stuff to say about the twins just like a hater who are u a nobody never been a star in the twins have their life on track so stop hating cause you obviously don’t have what they have congrats Tia and Tamera I love you guys and your show keep doing what you doing :)))

      • Sherri

        Has been, your are crazy they are still making movies and doing their thing. Give me a break and get a life!

    • shan

      Hater, Didn’t anyone tell tell hating is so unattractive, anyway enough time wasted on you. Congratulations Tamara and Adam he’s Gorgeous. Smoochies

  • Anonymous

    Wow, what crawled up your stink hole today?

  • Anonymous

    I know right. Dude just shut the f*** up and get a life!

  • Toya

    Aden is perfect. Bless his little heart. And thanks to Tamera & Adam for sharing such a special time in your life!!

  • Someone

    What a little doll…those cheeks!

  • Pol

    How classy to include the cover, featuring all the stereotypical tabloid style stories. Really lends credibility to the article.

  • Anonymous

    Looks like tamera had a csection. Probably got scared into an induction after going two weeks “late.”

    • Anonymos

      “scared into an induction”? Did you see how big that baby is? That baby could not fit out of a lot of women. Don’t judge an other woman’s birth. She went two weeks over, doesn’t look like she was easily “scared into an induction”. Nor does it look like she was hoping for a c-section.

  • Courtney

    @Anon you aren’t very bright are you it’s quite common for a first pregnancy to go over-due and Tamera probably had a c-section because of the size of Aden’s head due to the fact she’s only 5ft 5in. when a baby is late a c-section is the safest mode of delivery. he’s a doll

    • Anonymous

      I’m aware that first pregnancies go late. Which is why it’s a shame doctors often push women into cesareans for being past due date on first babies. Being 5’5″ isn’t a very good reason to get one either. That is a pretty average height for women around the world. Very rarely does a body make a baby that is too large to be born.

      Regardless, congrats to the family. The baby is beautiful and healthy. Best wishes for a speedy recovery for mama.

      • Tara

        Why do people act like having a c section is something to be ashamed of. And i ELECTED to have one. Those of us who had one are just as much a mother as those who had a vaginal delivery. Never understood why women knock each other down for their choices. Stay at home, work out of the home, formula fed, breast fed etc – we all do what’s best for us.

        • Anonymous

          Never said she should be embarrassed or feel like less of a mom. She obviously wanted to go into labor naturally or she wouldn’t have been doing all the homeopathic labor inducing remedies. My comment was about the medical industry and the climate of fear that doctors often create to avoid insurance malpractice issues. And it’s pure conjecture on my behalf anyhow… Who knows what really happened.

        • Anonymous

          Why would anyone elect to have a c-section???

          • Tara

            If its any of your business, I was having twins, one weighed 8 lbs, one weighed 7. I was not going to push 15 pounds plus through my vagina. Regardless everybody has a right to choose.

  • Barbie Ford

    I have watched the both of you and your sister grow from getting married, to wonderful men, (I might ad) then babies. Tia, first,.. you are an amazing mother. Always wanting your baby with you. At home, work, you want him where ever you go as much as possible. You are on the right track.
    Tamera, I’m so happy you put a 2 day old picture out for all to see your new baby. Wow is he beautiful! I couldn’t wait to see what he looked like. You both as sisters and twins at that, have this connection that few have. I’m a mother of 6, grandmother of 7, (so far) great-grandmother of 1 (so far) and I’m 54 yrs old. I pray with all goodness, blessings, and so much love between your husbands, yourselves, and them babies all the great things life has to offer. You all are truly blessed. Can’t wait for your families to keep growing with more children. God Bless your babies, husbands, and the closeness Tia & Tamera share. Wonderful people you are. Stay healthy, happy and family oriented like you all are. Blessings….

    • Anonymous

      Who are you talking to??

  • megan

    To me…it doesn’t look like a csection. Wouldn’t she have to be in a hospital gown to go in the operating room? Adorable little guy!

  • Jarhonda Spight

    I am so happy for them, the baby is beautiful…there is nothing wrong or nothing to be ashamed of for having a c-section. It all depends on the the safe arrival of the baby and what is safe for the mother. I am a mother of 3, my first child was almost 10 pounds and I had her vaginally, I suffered very bad tears and lots of sutures and lots of PAIN….the next two babies were c-sections to avoid having those terrible tears again. It doesnt make me less of a person or a punk of a woman, it is all what’s safe and comfortable for mother and baby, F–k what these idiots who probably never or will never experience the joy of labor and delivery. God bless all mothers who have gone through the agonizing, but joyous celebration of bringing a new life in the world, only us WOMEN are made to do so!!!!

  • Lisa Gordon

    Congrats on a beautiful baby boy!!

  • ME

    Thank god for c-sections-wasn’t that long ago, many, many, many women died!@ What a beautiful new soul on this planet- we need a little help-or nadn’t you not known this. Tamera as a mom of eight, you rock- keep true to yourself and love him- you will be fine- GOD BLESS YOUR FAMILY!!

  • http://getajobtoday.net Fern

    I am happy for Temara. My wife is totally addicted to their reality and she also use to be a big fan of there show in the 90’s. Births never go as planned so if she had C section, who cares. Why does everyone always talk bs about everyones business. As long as the baby was healthy along with Temara, that is all that really matters. God bless and keep us up to date with the latest Tia and Temara news.
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