Ben Affleck’s School Run

Ben Affleck : Daddy Duty in Santa Monica

Argo star Ben Affleck was photographed with his two daughters – Violet, nearly 7, and Seraphina, nearly 4 – in Santa Monica, Calif. on Wednesday (November 14). The hands-on papa picked up his elder daughter from school on the sunny afternoon. Baby Samuel, 8 months, napped this one out.

Later that same day, mama Jennifer Garner was seen at Los Angeles International Airport catching a departing flight.

The father-of-three was recently named “Filmmaker of the Year” by GQ magazine.

“I lived with this tremendous fear of failure,” Ben tells the mag, “because my father was a playwright and a director, and I think he did a couple of things as a child as an actor as well, and he…he failed, basically. Not just being an alcoholic and stuff. He didn’t do what he said he was going to do. He worked with guys who later became famous, like James Woods and Dustin Hoffman, and he wasn’t successful. And that wasn’t going to be me.”

During the interview, he was sure to gush about his lovely wife.

“She’s just a great woman and a great friend.” As well as, Ben says Jen is an amazing mother: “She has such wise and certain stewardship over these three characters that I love so much.”

And he admits parenting can be tricky.

“Oh, believe me, I’m always trying to sweep in and be hero dad, give them things they’re not allowed to have, just completely pander to them. ‘Have you had dessert yet?’ ‘You guys want to watch TV?’ ” he admits.

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  • Anonymous

    Hands on? He’s rarely seen with them.

  • Tara

    They seem like hands on parents, and how many times do you see the average father with his kids anyway. Not nearly as much as the mom, no matter have evolved you think you are. Violet looks much older than 6. Seraphina is very cute though.

    • Ashley

      “How many times do you see the average father with his kids anyway”? Not sure what type of relationship you’re in but my husband is with our kids every chance he gets.

      • Tara

        Well hopefully your husband is employed. Because most people who work have at least a 40 hour week, therefore there is no way they can always be around the kids. Btw my husband works 60 hrs, I work 20 so of course I see my kids more than he does. Don’t be so defensive there.

        • Ashley

          Why wouldn’t my husband be employed? I said “every chance he gets”, I didn’t say all the time.

          • Tara

            Um yes and if you read my entire post, defensive one, I said you do not see the average father with the children AS MUCH as the mother. Relax ashley

    • NYC Mommy

      Tara- while I do agree they are hands on parents… I disagree with the average father sentence… My husband and my brother are the ones who drop and pick up their respective kids to school since myself and my sister in law work further away. and the few times I do drop my son off to school I see many many fathers doing drop off.

      That average father comment is very 1950s. :)

      • mrs. trumbell

        no, it isn’t. the statistics still hold up

      • Anonymous

        I think when you look around playgrounds, malls, supermarkets, libraries etc, it’s usually the moms with the kids. That doesn’t mean the fathers are not involved, it just means that there are more stay-at-home or part-time working moms out there and they are the primary caregivers. It’s not a knock against fathers.

  • Anonymous

    Violet is just as cute as Seraphina. They look entirely different. And Ben has been seen a lot more lately with the kids. Jen has gone to start filming on a movie so Ben may be looking after the kids for a while.

  • Heather

    So just because he’s doing the school run, he has to wear Jennifer’s clothes too??

  • Anonymous

    Violet is not cute at all. Come on, seriously?

  • Sam

    Does seraphina attend the same preschool violet attended? I remember the controversy at violet’s preschool because the paps were at the door everyday.

  • Anon

    I have read where the oldest kid is on the autism spectrum. She looks odd. I wouldn’t be surprised.

    • Pop

      Yes, Violet does have autism.

  • SMIley

    nice roses i see in picture 5

  • Leeanne

    Come on….is this really a place to judge a kiddos looks or whether or not they are on the autism spectrum. I know their parents are celebs but that does NOT make their kids fair game. Who monitors comments and why aren’t those pulled down?
    Really NOT cool Anon, Pop, Anonymous—you obviously don’t have kids.
    Heather…Ben is fair game and your comment made me laugh out loud!r

    • Elektra

      Wow, I can’t believe some of these comments. I want to assume that CBS is not responsible for allowing such garbage to pass their monitors. I would think any comments regarding children’s physical and/or mental conditions would be off limits. Without medical proof or statements from a parent, no one is qualified to determine the condition of a child simply from snapshots. I would require some proof before posting such comments.

      I agree 100% with Leeanne. SHAME – SHAME- SHAME!

    • mrs. trumbell

      somebody says something someone else doesn’t like on the internet: film at 11

      just hit the back button if you are so sensitive.

  • http://celebritybabyscoop Susan

    Both Violet and Seraphina are happy, loved children. I have not read in a magazine,book, or interview with Violet’s parents that Violet is autistic. wHAT
    source are you basing this on?

    • Eva

      Clearly the same people who decided Mario Lopes’s daughter Gia has Down Syndrome…..judgement is soooooooo easy from afar!!

  • Anonymous

    i actually think violet is cute and will grow into being a cute adult! why are people saying she is autistic?

  • NYC Mommy

    I agree with other posters I have NEVER read anywhere that Violet is on the autistic spectrum. I have always seen her as an advanced child (reading at young age etc…). I believe if she was autistic her parents would be getting her the most advance therapy and instruction to help her and I also think they would become very involved in charity to help others and not hide it from world.

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