Jenny McClendon Expecting Baby No. 7

Exclusive - The Masche Sextuplets Take Manhattan

Congratulations are in order for Jenny McClendon and Levi McClendon!

The mom from the reality TV show Raising Sextuplets and her new husband who are already raising eight children – six of hers, two of his – are now preparing to add a ninth baby to the brood.

“I’m writing this as I’m approaching my 28th week [of pregnancy] and I really still feel somewhat speechless,” McClendon shares on her blog. “I’m so excited for the sextuplets that they get to experience being the ‘big’ brother or sister.”

Formerly known as Jenny Masche before her split with ex-husband Bryan Masche – the father of her 5-year-old sextuplets Savannah, Bailey, Grant, Cole, Molli and Blake – the expectant mom says she and her new husband have wanted a baby of their own all along.

While her husband had his vasectomy reversed, she assumed her past fertility problems would cause delays (she previously received fertility treatments which led to the sextuplets).

But this pregnancy happend the old fashioned way.

“Levi and I are trying to gear up and imagine what life is going to be like in our already busy household with a newborn,” she writes. “In my head I think, ‘This is going to be so easy, it’s only one!’ However, I imagine that even this one is going to give us some sleepless nights and an even crazier household.”

And she revealed it’s another boy.

“At this point we are praying that the next 12 weeks go smoothly and that this sweet little boy will come into this world with a loud cry, rosy cheeks, healthy heart and mind, and a family of 10 ready to embrace him and love him! We’ll keep you posted,” the mom-of-multiples says.

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  • Mary

    Good for her, I always hoped better for her the way her EX husband treated her was repulsive, he was a selfish jerk and never cared about what she wanted AT ALL. He was too immature and whiny and violent for her, I am happy to know she has moved on and is in a much better place. Congrats!

    • Tara

      To be honest it looked pretty even at how badly they treated one another. She never seemed all together there. Now of course she had stress but having more kids is not going to make her life any easier.

      • Anonymous

        I must have been watching a different show, because I **never** thought she treated him badly. Sure, she’d get frustrated about how useless he was, but who could blame her?

  • Anonymous

    It’s probably time to stop now.

  • Fara

    Kids are expensive, how do people afford more than 2? You can only spread yourself so thin in the affection and attention dept. before you become an absent parent.

  • Kay

    Overpopulation is a real problem. When you already have 8 children in a blended family, isn’t it time to stop and reconsider the need to have a biological child? Even the Brady Bunch were more progressive than these idiots.

    • Anonymous

      Your Brady Bunch comment makes no sense.

      • Kay

        My point was simply to say that the Brady Bunch, which took place 50 years ago, showed a blended family of 6 children whose parentsl didn’t feel the urge to have yet another child simply because it shared their DNA. Let’s just wait and see how these children, and the Octomom’s, and Kate and 8’s children are all faring in a few years. I imagine they will be yearning for some love and attention.

        • Anonymous

          They weren’t parents, they were actors. You are delusional.

  • Sweet pea

    Well at least it just one.

    • Anonymous

      Let’s hope! :)

  • Big family

    Wow…some pretty ignoramus and judgmental comments here. And seriously? Comparing real life people to a 1970’s television show?? I suppose the mom of 6 is to expect this kind of judgement as she has put herself in the spotlight, but wow. What about those of us who aren’t in the spotlight and have chosen to have a big family? Regularly we have to deal with stares, questions about our religion and snarky comments about our inability to use birth control. Why do people feel it is their place to judge (the very private) choice of family type – big, small, or none at all? As one of two loving parents to six of our own biological children, I can tell you that out family is one built on love, caring and siblings who will forever have a large and supportive family to lean on.

    • Sarah

      People irresponsibly having hordes of children contributes the overpopulation problem that grows more prominent every year. The burden on the earth’s finite resources is everyone’s business.

      • Rose

        No, it really isn’t any of your business. And there are people who have 1 child or 2 children who are irresponsible when it comes to environmental issues. And there are people who have a lot of children who raise them to be good stewards of the earth. The number of children a person has doesn’t tell you anything about what effect that family will have on the environment.

        And unless you want someone to butt into your life and scrutinize whether you are using the earth’s resource properly, you have no right to judge others for how they choose to live.

        • Anonymous


    • Kay

      I was speaking specifically about THIS woman and the other reality show moms with large and dysfunctional families. If you want to confuse yourself with this exclusive group of “real” people who exploit their children for gain,, that’s on you.

  • Judi

    Why doesn’t she use any protection?!

    • denise

      Her husband had his vasectomy reversed so they would have a child together. Any child is a blessing and should never be looked down on regardless of their parents choices but in this case. How the heck can you really afford 9 children. Thought we were in a recession our country is not doing well why bring another mouth to feed in the mix. Wasn’t 8 enough??????She talks about sleepness nights and a crazier household. My husband makes a great salary and I work part-time and we have 2 children and I find sometimes money is tight. How will it be with 9? Hope he has a great job.I wish them well……

      • Judi

        She has a great job as reality show w*hore, so I guess she’s found her way to make money… So pathetic.

        • Anonymous

          That show didn’t last two seasons. She no longer HAS a show. So I guess they have found another way to support their family (not that it’s any of your business).

  • sierra

    I just can’t believe they went through the trouble to get his vasectomy reversed. They must have some money to throw around cuz that’s like $6, 000 or more right there. I know, cuz I looked it up for my husband and I dont know if we are going to do it for even one kid! And hopefully she has her tubes tied after this or else there could be an accident

    • Anonymous

      So what if they do have money to throw around? You don’t get to decide the best use of THEIR family finances.

  • Lesley

    Well if they end up financially struggling, I smell another reality show on the way. I mean there hasn’t been one yet with sextuplets + 2 of his kids + one on the way. I’d watch! (guilty pleasure reality tv junky)

  • Mary

    isnt it dangerous to get preg after a tummy tuck, I read stories of women who had TT and it ended up crushing the baby because the abs were too tight.

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