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Exclusive... Jennifer Garner Takes A Break With Samuel & Seraphina

The Odd Life of Timothy Green star Jennifer Garner was photographed with her daughter Seraphina, nearly 4, and son Samuel, 8 months, in New Orleans on Tuesday (November 20). The actress, 40, took a break on the set of her new film, The Dallas Buyer’s Club, to visit with her kids and the nanny.

On Saturday, we saw the group leaving for Louisiana on a XOJET private jet.

Meanwhile, papa Ben Affleck and big sis Violet, nearly 7, stayed home in Los Angeles.

On Friday (November 16), Jen made a solo trip to Louisiana to film alongside costar Matthew McConaughey.

Ben was in full-on daddy duty while Jennifer was away working on her new movie. He was spotted all over their posh Brentwood neighborhood with the girls, while Samuel stayed at home with the nanny.

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  • Summer

    This is why it bothers me that people applaud her for being such a normal, down to earth, fantastic mother. With private jets at your disposal, nannies to visit you at work with your children…that’s hardly normal and with all of those luxuries, I’m sure we’d all be much better mothers – life would be so much easier.

    • another mom

      She’s not being compared to “average” moms who don’t make millions and do not have an army of assistants. Compared to many (most?) Hollywood moms she does seem down to earth, hands on, etc. and when she’s not working, spends most of her time with her kids — WITHOUT needing a nanny present at all times. When you compare her to someone like Gwen STefani, you have to admit that Garner is more .relatable

    • Me

      So would you rather she work and not see her children for a couple months? Personally I think it’s great that she makes the effort to get her kids out to visit her while she’s working. She doesn’t have to. That does make her a fantastic mother. Just because she’s rich and can afford those luxuries doesn’t mean she’s not normal. When she’s not working she’s out taking her kids around like a regular parent which, yes, does, again, make her normal. She’s not one of those celebrities that only has sitters dealing with the children simply because she works and is famous.

    • Elektra

      Why let something like that bother you? It says more about your resentment and jealousy than it does that she is considered *NORMAL* than it does about her and/or her fans. It takes some much energy to resent someone because others find them likable. Compared to most famous moms, she seems way more like other non-celebrity moms. Love seeing Samuel, he is so cute!

      • Jenner

        Totally agree.

        • Anonymous

          Me too.

    • Jenner

      Your priorities are screwed if you think all it takes is more money to be a better mom

    • mrs. trumbell

      i think it’s absurd and hilarious that there are all of these angry comments lashing out at you because you “dared” call jennifer garner anything other than WONDER MOM!!!! they like to act like they don’t worship her because of how perfect her life looks, but then you go over to the calista flockhart post, and the first comments are ugly ones about how not up to snuff calista is in their eyes.

      truth is, calista is probably as good or better a mom as jennifer, but she doesnt go the extra mile to make her life look perfect, so she doesnt get the hero worship and million indignant comments defending her.

      • coco

        The difference with Calista is that she and her husband are less pretty than Ben and Jen, and their son is less pretty and less interesting than violet, sera and sam, and since calista and harrison can’t have other babies anymore, they’re less interesting for the paparazzi.. I’m not saying that to insult them, just to expose the paparazzi’s mentality: following the prettiest and the ones who can fall pregnant so that they have the scoop, and the ones with babies..

      • anonymous

        Read the comments again. No one is saying she’s like regular non-Hollywood moms, but compared to a lot of stars with unlimited financial resources, this woman seems to do a lot of the kid-related work herself – and enjoys it.

        P.S. Not a fan of her acting if it makes any difference

    • oh please

      I agree! She does no more than any other mom, but she has 99% more help. Anyone would be able to have more “one on one time” with each child if they had a nanny for each child, a housekeeper, an assistant, etc….. I’m sure she is a good mom, but to put her up on a pedestal and worship her like so many people on here do…is just crazy!

  • Anon

    Totally agree Summer ^^^. Her simple-minded fans worship her… for what? Because she spends time with her kids? That’s what she’s supposed to do for God’s sake!! She has nannys, nurses, cooks, maids, a personal assistant, Valerie Waters (a personal trainer), a home gym. Puhhhleeeeeeeeassseee! We would all be doing PERFECT if we had 1/2 of the staff she does. Private planes so they don’t have to deal with the masses? A 20 million dollar home? There is absolutely NOTHING NORMAL about her lifestyle or her parenting.

    • Anon

      And yet she stilll seems to enjoy taking care of her own children, doing typical things. Puhhhleeeeeeessseeee! You sound like Summer.

      • Jenner

        She probably is summer

    • mrs. trumbell

      i agree with you and summer.

    • Anonymous

      Wow. Jealous much. Lots of people have lots of money and lots of things, and are STILL crappy parents (cough pick a real housewife cough).

      And no, we would not ALL be doing PERFECT if we had 1/2 of the staff she does.

  • Donna

    ben certainly married the right Jennifer she is all class, talent and a great mom…on the other hand that other Jennifer mistake was a mistake. The Affleck children are beautiful too,

  • Nikki

    Well anon, anyone at any economic level can look to someone with more money and denigrate their parenting simply because they have access to more _____ (fill in the blank). A mother making $20K a year can look at a mother making $100K a year and comment about the fact that she has a nicer car, a babysitter who can watch the kids on the weekends, can send her kids to soccer, etc. Being a good mother is innate. Doesn’t matter if you make $20K or $100K. There are fantastic mothers in all economic classes. Jen seems like a good mother simply because she spends time with her kids and they always seem to have a smile on their faces. It has nothing to do with the private jets, nannies, etc.

  • Anonymous

    Is it necessary for her to wear a thong with jeans?

    • LIMom

      Is it necessary for us to have to SEE her thong !?!?

      • JesKe

        I hardly think it was intentional… And some people prefer thongs. Why is it a concern?

        • Anonymous

          Why not wear a belt so it doesn’t happen in the first place? I have no idea why CBS published the pics with her underwear showing in the first place, either.

          • JesKe

            I have to assume that the people making such a big deal out of a string (A STRING!) are not mothers. I think at some point (or many points), every mother has the moment where their shirt rides up, the jeans ride low, or maybe the neckline slips because the priority is carrying their child and balancing their child.

            If you’re still offended by the site of the string (A STRING!), please petition CBS to blur or censor the site.

  • Someone

    Wow Samuel is a big boy for 8 months old!

  • bluegnu63

    Sam is looking like a mini Matt Damon. 😉

    • Mimi

      Lmao true!

  • Anonymous

    That thong sticking out is vulgar and her kid is right behind her to see that her underwear is for all to see. Not a very good example to be setting for her little girl. She’s a classless know-it-all who doesn’t know much of anything. She’s clawed her way to where she is and sold her soul to the devil by marrying a man with so many demons.

    • good grief

      You are off the charts stupid.

    • NYC Mommy

      Where do you live if you dont see women walking around with their thongs popping out of top of jeans?? I see them everywhere.

      Jeans are super low so it always happens especially if you bend down to pick up something or tending to a child or in this case carrying a child which displaces your shirt and shows your thong. I dont see the big deal although I am NOT a fan of thongs many of my friends wear them regulary.

    • Anonymous

      Wow. If the sight of a thong has you this worked up, I hope you never ever go to the beach.

  • Zar55

    We all have to understand that her life happens to be what it is, like our ”normal” life are for us. If i had posibility to take my kids to work i would, with plane, bus anything. She has money so what, she is not bad person because of it, bad persons are those who judge someone who they never met. The important thing is that she loves her kids and she takes good care of them, what actually is the point of being a good mother 😉 peace

  • Mimi

    Wow, some comments, here lol. From a debate of what’s ‘normal’ to wearing thongs.

    We see Jennifer Garner here almost 24/7 and that’s a fact. We know she goes shopping with her kids, gets coffee, goes ballet, karate, market again, school runs, EVERYTHING with her kids. So yeah we could say she’s more “normal” than most celebrities we know.

    However, like i said in another post, she’s by far the most photographed among celebs. So there’s no way we can say if she’s actually the most normal one, since we don’t see other celebs with their kids as much as her and Ben. And that does not mean they don’t spent time with them. Pretty looking, i don’t know.

    But i do agree, that she and Ben are more normal than other celebs, at least from what we see here. And im comparing them to other CELEBRITIES, not us ok?

    • Anonymous

      I wouldn’t call being photograph 24/7 normal nor would I call her And Ben more normal then other celebrities.

      Besides Gwen Stefani, Heidi Klum and SJP who all ways have nannies with them. Other celebrities like Sandra Bullock, Angelina Jolie/Brad, Hugh Jackman, Victoria/David Beckham, Calista Flockhart and Harrison Ford, Matt Damon are always seem with thier kids. They also manage to give thier kids privetcy and when thier kids are not seen neither are the parents.

      • me too

        My thoughts exactly! I’m sure there are lots of other celeb parents that are just as “hands on”, but they also manage to raise their kids without parading them in front of the paps every day.

        • laura

          Guys, when will you understand it?
          No one is “parading” their children in front of the paparazzi, it’s the paparazzi who decide who to follow. I often see people commenting “stop calling the paparazzi”, but that’s just idiot!
          It’s obvious to me that there are some kind of celebrities that are more interesting for the paps, for the gossip magazines and websites: the young, the pretty, the ones with babies, the ones that can have a baby (so that the papas get a scoop), the ones who just split, the ones who just got married (maybe baby)..
          I mean, no wonder why the paps don’t follow that much Calista and Harrison, from this point of view Jen and Ben are much more interesting.

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